Saturday, August 11, 2012


Poor Yuma. His nose took a hit from being nosey.

I got home Thursday afternoon. I came home sick. Finally today I feel like I might be starting to get over it. If the cough was gone I would be "more better". Anyway, maybe I can get back to my blog.

The trip was sad of course but I have never been to a funeral for a more honored person. The Fire Department and the military made it really a memorable event. The fly over did not happen because of the very stormy weather but everything else was just so perfect. To us, he was just Brownie always funny and loveable but to his world he was a person of honor and respect.

So me and an upper respiratory infection are home and I have not even been out to see Sage. Just to the doctor yesterday and then to bed and mostly that is where I have been.

Loving you all, Blessings to each of you.