Friday, January 9, 2009

Skating Rinks and Poopsicles

Nikki said in her blog "Life With Boys" to be careful what you wish for. I love the open roads but the ice is difficult and the poop is awful Bob says he is going to clean stalls and the cow shed this weekend. I hope so. I don't know if my back will take the shoveling in the stalls.

The horses were glad to get out this morning. Pepper was his normal "can I irritate you" frame of mind but the other two went out docile and polite. I will have to watch Dixies eye. It was mattery this morning. She let me wipe it out before she went outside. She is so patient.

I had some kind of a bug this afternoon that kept me close to the house but got the chores done in spite of it. Didn't feel bad except at moments. The stalls are gross and if the inside horses did not need their supplements, I would not have put them in. They will survive though. We need to get a load of shavings from somewhere. Saw some on Craigslist. Need to go there again and look. We used to get them from Dumor Recycling but they can't get them anymore. I think we have enough for one more beding. Hate to buy it by the bale. We may get down to that.

Don't forget my book give away. Just comment up to next Thursday and then I will draw on Friday morning. I will have Bob do the drawing or someone besides myself. Linda at Beautiful Mustang is giving a book away too.

At Barbara's blog "Serenity Gate" did a blog about things that people might not know about her. So we could get to know her/each other better. How about giving me 2 things that I and others might not know. mine are #1 - I am crazy about shoes, high heels, #2 I drink too much diet coke (but don't try to stop me). She gave 10 but I won't try that.

See you later.