Sunday, February 24, 2013

This is my most favorite trail at my most favorite place to ride.  I call it then Enchanted Trail.  It is so quiet except for the wind in the tall trees and a creek in the distance.  It is at the trail head Clearwater Crossing in Montana.  It is not too far before you get to Missoula.  We have seen deer, a bear, moose, and mountain goats.  It has a great trail head with camping areas, corrals for a number of horses and probably 10 hitch rails.  I could just sit on a log on this trail and listen. 

Today Bob and I went out to state line and helped a very nice man with his horse.  Solomon is half mustang, half pinto and is a beautiful dun pinto.  He is well trained but the owner needs help.  I told him to get a helmet but first of all he needs to sensitive the horse so he doesn't spook and unseat him.  Bob waved his black hat and he really freaked.  So that was our advice to start with plastic bags, tarps, and all other sorts of things.  We will continue to try to get a hold of Ginger and see if she can take the horse for a few weeks and work with the two of them. 

We did not get to church today.  I did not sleep much last night and Bob did not wake me.  I appreciated it so much.

It was so cold and windy today with a spitting of snow.  I about froze whenever I was outside.  Spring is coming, spring is coming spring is coming.  I keep telling myself.

I hope your Sunday was peaceful.