Saturday, December 13, 2008

First day of snow

Our first snow of this winter. Certainly not what they predicted and I am sorry I cancelled the party although it is very cold. 14 degrees at the moment at Fairchild and the wind is blowing about 25 MPH which makes it somewhere around -20. I am glad I don't have to go outside any more.

I did go help Bob with the chores tonight. I need new gloves. I put them on my Santa list. I was not cold except my hands and my cheeks. The horses have a good shelter to get out of the wind. They were running around doing their Arabian impersonation. Tails and manes flying. Ditto sailed out thru the gate. None of that playing around for the old lady. Dixie and Pepper had to run around when they came out of the gate. I yelled at them a couple of times and they thought I might throw something at them so they trotted obediently into the barn and into their stalls. We fed extra hay to the pasture horses and Rusty tonight. The wind is so bitter.

We put Maggie our big dog into the barn for the night. She has a dog house in the back yard but it faces north and we were afraid she would get cold. She does not like to be in the house at night. She goes to the barn to sleep when she gets loose and their is hay for her to burrow down in.

Am finishing up a few things and then I can devote all next week to baking/fudge making etc. I did bake the zucchini bread yesterday and put one loaf in the freezer so it will be around. The loaf I left out is gone. I did not eat it all either.

I lay my clothes out for church but Bob will have to be sure the car will start before I get dressed in the AM. Really want to go if we can. Ken Gaub is speaking. He is a very funny Evangelist.

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  1. Lea, I canceled my horse show today, too, only to get up this morning and wish I hadn't. I drove out just in case someone showed up, but they didn't. The wind was howling pretty mighty up in Lynden.

    We've got snow tonight. Very fine baby flakes.

    Stay warm, my friend!