Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am sick

No pictures no nothing. Am coughing my head off, my head is stuffy and I am just plain feeling like crud. I will be back when the bug is gone.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Returning

No pictures and not much news. Our celebrating about Emma's halter was for naught. She got it off this afternoon. Bob won't choke her down again, me either but now we have to figure something else out. She is a little stiff and sore today but so am I so I don't feel terribly sorry for her.
Some college age kids from church came out today to play with the horses. Fun to have them around. They rode Pepper. And they two of the four kittens we had (again). Just 2 little cute female Tabby's left. The barn has really thinned down. Don't know where they all went. All I saw today was Fancy and her babies.
I hope tomorrow is more interesting.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Halter On Finally

Emma has a halter on. And oh my goodness what an afternoon. It took us 3 hours. Her mouth was bleeding and not a place on her body that was not sweating. We had to just choke her down. We were all three exhausted. Bob fixed her some grain with some electrolytes in it. She is OK this evening. I think she bit her own tongue. I had blood all over the front of me. Don't exactly know how but I did. We had to do it to progress any further with her. Hated doing it but we have been working on her for months. Tomorrow, hook or crook Sage gets my undivided attention for 2/3 hrs.
Our summer came back and Bob took the cooler out of the window. We have some lovely Indian Summers and I don't know why he did it so soon.
We started our study 40 Days of Love - a book and workbook by Rick Warren's BIL. Our church started it a week ago so we are running late but I was gone. Its about relationships.
See you tomorrow - Blessings

More 1000 Blessings

401. Yoplait Yogurt

402. Journals That I have kept since my teen years

403. The Big Dipper

404. Google

405. Freckle faced children

406. Full Moon

407. Oatmeal raisin cookies

408. Cheese Cake

409. Caramel Apple Pie

410 Walking Home from school with Isaac

411. Visit with Tracey

412. The changing leaves

413. One on one time with Nikki

414 Fresh Tomatoe sandwich

415. Mt. Rainer

416. Seeing Harbor Seals

417. Indian Summer

418 Tweezers

419. Ferry rides

420. Wind in my face on the ferry

421. Seattle Skyline

422.Visit with my cousin Joy

423. All the yarn and basket Joy gave me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I was gone a week and never got to my blog. Sorry. This is quite a group of pictures but its the highlights of my relaxing week.
This is Lane celebrating turning 12. Such an interesting age - makes me so glad mine are grown. Not that he is bad, he is just 12. Love him. He is a sweet boy even if homework is a pain in his plans for after school. Hope he had a great birthday.
I went up to Bellingham to spend a day with my good friend Tracey. Her blog is Mustang Diaries. This is Lefty. Her husbands horse. He is so sweet. Good luck Mike, am so glad you brought this boy home. Nikki and saw him in February and took a bunch of pictures of him.

And Miss Paisley. She is so sweet. She is a tri colored Pinto. Her mama is a Mustang U horse I believe.

Nikki and Carmen's old dog Walker. He is a Goldie/chocolate Lab cross and weighs 110#. He is so sweet. He had just come home from the groomer.

Nikki and Isaac on the ferry to Bremerton from Seattle and then on to Shelton. Love the ferry rides. Wish it were not so expensive.

Me. What a fun day

The seals on the buoy. I had hoped to see one but we saw several. It was so fun.

My sister calls this her mountain - Mt. Rainer but I call it my mountain. That is the one thing I really miss from the west side of the state. I grew up seeing it every day.

My cousin Joy and me. It was so good to see her. She is a real blessing to me. I wish I could see her more often.

An aircraft carrier on the shipyard in Bremerton. They are so awesome.

God bless America

Seattle after dark. That is Qwest Stadium where the Mariners play.
I am plumb tuckered out. I was so glad to get home. I loved being with Nikki all week and I loved walking Isaac home from school each day and spending time with the other boys but its good to be home and my bed is calling my name.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Looking Back

We have to go to a BCH meeting in Couer D'Alene this evening and I haven't gotten any pictures so decided to look back some more.
These are wild Lupins on the shore of Puget Sound. One of the times we were over there and had a walk on the beach. I think it was at Ft. Casey State Park.
Part of our group.

Down in the Craig Mts. south of Lewiston. Probably in my top 3 places to ride. We were camped at Larabee Corrals. I was still riding Dixie.

Our youngest daughter Christyn

Taken last summer. I don't remember the occasion. It must have been after church. That is about the only time I wear a dress.

At the Colville adoption last May.
Tomorrow I am going to go over to Nikki's for the week. I can help her out a bit and see some friends and my cousin in Shelton. And rest and play with grandkids. I will probably be able to keep up the blog but not much about horses.
Blessings -

Friday, September 17, 2010

A surprise discovery

Sage looking at me as if to say where have you been. Just when I was going out to work with her we had company stop by so didn't get to today. Other than that it was raining. I was disappointed.
We are adding a hay shed on to the barn.

My sister is in the hospital in Tennessee. She has a bacterial infection in her lung. This has been a reoccurring thing since she has lung surgery 3 years ago that almost killed her. She has not been the same since. She went home from here sick and its gotten progressively worse.
Please remember her in your prayers.

NOW for my surprising news. Did you know Washington has a herd of wild horses. Not Indian Reservation horses. Although nothing usually wrong with them. These horses are not controlled by the BLM buy by the Weyrhauser Company. They are on the Mt. St. Helens property. A guy we talked to at the fair told us about them but I was really skeptical but I did look them up. I found them under Mt. St. Helens Wildlife. The guy said there were about 70 but the web site said about 40. The guy at the fair was selling pictures and he has been photographing them for several year.

Back to 1000 Blessings.
I went back through them and found I had screwed up the numbers so I hope I have them straight this time.
386. A Day at the fair with Bob
387. Flannel
388. Watches with faces large enough to see without a magnifying glass
389. Smoke detectors
390. Glacier Park
391. Yellowstone Park
392. Old Faithful
393. Chainsaw sculpture
394. Grand Canyon
395. "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" a book
396. Philippians 1:6
397. Jesus Loves Me This I Know
398. Smokey Mountains
399. Bob's good report
400. Fresh Ideas

Blessings to you all

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day At The Fair

This is a large group of photos but we spent the better part of the day strolling around the Spokane Interstate Fair. It was a nice day and we had fun. I know I ate some things I shouldn't have but will be good the rest of the week.
This is an Indian maidens dress. I would love to have it. Don't know exactly why but it is really beautiful.

These big balls looked so much fun. The kids got to play about 10 minutes for 8.00. They unzip them and take the kids out and then re inflate them.

Me, big Indian Chief.

A very pretty buckskin Quarter Horse. This was change day so not an abundant amount of horses. The 4 H kids came in this evening.

I wish there was something to show how little these guys were.

Ms. Sheep taking a nap. They show tomorrow.

She was determined to get a bite of my camera.

Look at those ears. I would have called her Dumbo.

This is Milton. He just ambles slowly all over one of the buildings.

One of the carnival rides. I did not like them when I was a kid.

Don't remember what group sponsored this but loved the sign.

This cracked us up. We did not see them race so I don't know what makes an Alaskan pig.

I tried to talk Bob into that but no go.

I am so glad that washing machines have progressed.

The railroad depot. This entire area is part of the railroad historical area.
That was our day. No much horsey but a fun day anyway. Today is the last day of my restrictive lifestyle so tomorrow, Sage, here I come.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looking Back

My sister and I in 2003 about 6 weeks after our son Scott died. I went down there for a couple of weeks. Came home and had my first heart episode.
We went to Nikkis for a long weekend in March of 2008 and went for a drive. These swans were heading North I think. They were awesome.

Our 50th Anniversary cake. The top was the one on our original cake in 1957. In a little less than a month we will celebrate 53 years.

Remember our grandson riding the big mule in August. Isaac. Well this was two years ago. Now he is riding alone. No fear is his motto.

At the Draft Horse/Mule Show up in Sandpoint, Idaho a couple of years ago. Love going there. It is always the first of October.
No recent pictures today. I had shopping to do and because of a nasty Washington State Patrol officer I had to go take a driving test. I passed well. I won't go into my rant about why, just that I did it and had not had a ticket for 30 years. White haired ladies in red cars watch out.
1000 blessings continued

372 A bathroom in the barn
373 Fly swatters
374 Grandchildren birthday
375 Porches
376 Lawn swings
377 Salt substitute
378 A baby's big toothless grin
379 Tiny Horse earrings
380 Appreciation
381 Living up to responsibilities
382 Sensitivity
383 Awareness
384 Determination
385 Abilities
386 Training to carry out our abilities
387 Punctuality
388 Openness
389 Flexibility
390 Good taste
391 A desire to improve
392 Willingness
393 A sense of humor
395 Stamina
396 Dependability
397 Self Confidence
398 Sincerity
399 Emotional maturity
400 Tact

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All healed up

This is a sewer line. This means I am going to have a bathroom in the barn. This means I am overjoyed. This means I won't have to make mad dashes to the house as soon as I get to the barn. It also means I should be able to get Sage out of her pen tomorrow because the ditch got filled in this afternoon.
I am great. The hole in my groin has healed shut so I can do a few more things. Like carrying the laundry basket from our room to the washer. Whoop. Can I fib a bit.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunshine in my heart

Sunday Stills on Monday
So I am a day late but had to find this picture. That is Mount Hood in the back ground. We were taking a potty break at Government Camp, Oregon. Nikki and I were on our way to Burns in February. The topic was flags and I thought immediately of this picture.
No other pictures. This was my best day since the entire hospital event. Felt great and did my best today to get my house in order. Not done but certainly a good start. Can't go work with Sage yet because I can't lift and if she gave a big tug on the rope it would be like lifting something and that is against the rules until Friday.
The sun was shining and Jesus in my heart so all is right with my world.
Blessings and back to my 1000 list of things that bless me.
349. Bob's American Indian heritage
351. Recycling
351 Luminaries
352 The first snow (none other)
353. The Oregon Coast
354 The little church I visited in Maine where we could hear the waves on the rocks all through the service.
355. Autumn leaves
356. Sleeping babies
357. Cuddly baby blankets
358. Blowing bubbles
359. Bubble baths
360. Wonderful care at Deaconess Hospital
361. Negative tests
362. Being discharged from the hospital
363 Steve's camera that he puts into the woods to photograph wildlife
364 Women of Faith
365 Beth Moore
366 Flowers from friends
367 Chonda Pierce
368 Bright colored backpacks
369 Valet Parking
370 Bird nests
371 Mexican Food
Night all-----------------------

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Better Still

These are the flowers from my dear daughter Nikki. Aren't they pretty.
I was starting back on my walking regimen today . I stuck my little camera in my pocket. These were growing in the ditch. I know they are a weed of some sort or the other but down in that dirty ditch, they were just blooming there. I guess the saying "bloom where you are planted" is appropriate.

Pistol played a long time with the can. I guess she likes Diet Coke like I do. It was really funny and noisy.

Lat night this is what I saw out my front door. Love our sunsets.
I went down to see Sage today. She didn't seem to be overjoyed to see me but let me rub her shoulder, her ears and her face. And, Arlene, she let me kiss her on her nose. She did not kiss me back like Echo did you but she did snort right into my face when I was kissing her. I wanted to laugh but didn't want to scare her.
My friend Andi is hanging in there. Tom did commit suicide. She will have many decisions to make now. Please keep her in your prayers.
Many blessings

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A better day -whoopeeeeeee

Our Back Country group sent me these loves flowers. Karen brought them and I suspect they were out of her flower garden. They were so beautiful and still are.

I feel a million percent better today. I ran a fever yesterday and I think that is why the world was so ugly to me. I did not eat much and tried to drink a lot of water but today is better. I still get tired if I get up and walk around much. I can't lift because of the hole in my groin so I am folding and putting away and Bob is putting clothes in and washer and moving them to the dryer.

I was so relieved that the cath only found scar tissue from the stent 7 years ago. So basically my problem was fluid on my lungs. I need to monitor my blood pressure and salt intake. I have not used salt in years but I will surely check canned and frozen things we eat. I will go see the cardiologist again in four weeks.

That is the good news but the saddest of news was on Facebook last night. Andi Harmon who is devout volunteer at the BLM Wild Horse corrals and a giving person. One of my good friends, we have stayed at their house numerous times and have had such fun. A week ago yesterday her husband Tom disappeared. He was found late yesterday deceased. She did not have any details but we all suspect he committed suicide for several reasons. Please keep Andi in your prayers. They had no children and no family in the area.

Blessings and thank yous for all your prayers and loving thoughts and notes.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Home and sleepy

No pictures. Have to just lay around for a week. They put a tube into my groin and ran it to my heart. Nothin wrong. I can't seem to eat muchI will try to get something written tomorrw.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hijacked again

Just a quick note to say Mom is out of the hospital and will be back to the regular scheduled programing soon. I will let her fill you in on all the nitty gritty. She is doing well and glad to be home. Thanks for your prayers. Peace Nikki

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sick sick sick

This is Lea's daughter Nikki. Mom is ill and in the hospital. They know she didn't have a heart attack but they also know something is going on with her heart. She's having more tests tomorrow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Same ol same ol

Out my front door
Nothing much has changed around here.