Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A long Wednesday

I am home safe and sound. I checked in the Camry, Bob picked me up and we went and got my Kia. Kind of like a tuna can after that roomier Camry. Oh well, its fixed and looks nice. Bob thinks it drives OK. I thought it did too. Its a nice car but I do think we will trade it in when I get my settlement.

I walked around and said hello to all the critters. The horses were too busy eating to be bothered with me. The cows too. Posey will be calving before too long. Oliver, the goat, took a dislike to Skeeter who was with me and put his head down and roller him over. Scared my puppy. Bob showed me a birds nest he found with 4 pretty blue eggs in it. Will be watching it.

My very own bed is calling me. I won't have any little blue eyes laying there watching me tonight. I hope Isaac sleeps well too. He liked sharing his room with Grandma. Last night I asked him to snuggle me because I was going home today and he said with that sweet way of his - Grandma, even if you're not here you will be my Grandma forever.

Blessings for your Thursday.