Thursday, May 7, 2009


A short post and a long day. Tried really hard to get some things accomplished today. I still am working on the frying pan trying to get the melted plastic out of it. Don't think its working though. It is a cast iron frypan that is older than me and I hate it that I may have ruined it.

Looked at the Internet Adoption again today to see how it is going. I thought I will pick 5 that are my favorites. You will have to go to that site to look which ones they are. I ended up with 6 however. The lst. on is at Ridgecrest which is in California. #1950. The ones in Burns, Oregon ar #'s 8844, 8861, 8928 and Rock Springs, Wyoming #'s 2871 and 3600. Some of them have bidders and some don't. Of course I did not count the two yearling Burro's at Ridgecrest. One's color is called pink. Now he does not look pink to me, nor have I ever seen a pink burro. It struck me kind of funny. Yuma would curl up in a corner and pout if anyone called him pink.

I went to a Northeast Zone meeting this evening. It was kind of short but some things accomplished. It is our last meeting until September. I would not have gone had I not had to report on the WSH meeting in April. That is my job. I could just as easily gone to bed but thank goodness it was not really dark when I came home.

Have a Friday worth remembering.