Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday June 29th.,

These pictures are from Mustang Days which is where I have been. Katie (not our Katie) got on Yuma for the very first time ever. I thought he might buck but he didn't. He wondered what the heck she was doing. For the first time he has ever been anywhere he did marvelous. He talked alot which made people laugh but I was very proud of him. He looked so handsome all duded up. The bottom picture is Katie (our Katie) showing Yuma in the halter class. He got 2nd. I was so proud of the little guy.
Mustang Days was very successful. I am so proud of our entire club. We worked so hard and it all paid off. Hip hip hooray for everyone and a big special thank you to everyone for all the hard work. Most of you are totally unfamiliar with horse shows and you pitched right in. Thank you thank you thank you. We had 21 entries. The Open halter class had 11 horses in it. Wow. Our judge was Tracey Westbury. She did a good job. Even helped me out when I forgot the trail pattern and the showmanship patterns and got them for me. Thank you Tracey.
We about had a disaster here a little while ago. The hose blew off in the cooler and it was blowing water all over the dining room. Could have been worse but it scared us. The floor got a good washing. Am glad we do not have carpet in there.
If I am gone for a day or 2 don't be alarmed. I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER TODAY. Jim is coming tomorrow to help me get things off here first. Maybe we can do it all tomorrow. I am excited about it.
This has been a day to regroup, do the stuff I needed to do to finish up the horse show and get a deposit ready to take to the bank. I sure do get more tired quicker than I used to. And it takes longer to recover.
Remember: True friendship forsesees the needs of others rather than proclaims its own.
Andre' Maurois.
A good days a comin...............................................

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, I am pulling out my hair.

Dixie and her Mom. She left this afternoon. I know Kristi was thrilled to see her. Dixie did let her hug her and kissed her on her nose. I hope it all works for them.
We body clipped Yuma today to take to Mustang Days. I think Katie will show him in the mule and burro class. He was pretty upset with us by the time we finished but was good about standing there. Bob trimmed his little feet up too. He is very good about that. Bob was working on feet and I was clipping and he just let us. I probably should bathe him but that would be a terrible blow to his dignity.
Our Mustang Horse Club meeting was this evening. I wish more had been there but we got done what we needed to. I am a wreck worrying about stuff. But at this point it will either happen or not.
Granny has a new name. My brother in law who is sponsoring her. In fact she is his but lives at our house named her Amelia. A pretty name for a pretty old girl. I just have to remember to call her that.
If you are in the Spokane/northern Idaho area please come visit our mustangs on Saturday at Valley Mission Arena or enter our Open Schooling Show on Sunday or just come watch.
Remember: No one can be right all of the time, but it helps to be right most of the time.
Robert Half.
Have a great Friday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It is hot, but I am not complaining.

The entries are trickling in for the Mustang Days Horse Show on Sunday. I know some have not sent their entries in and will just bring them. It makes it a little tough entering them on class sheets but that is OK. I will do it.

I am going to body clip Yuma tomorrow and take him to the show. That will be interesting. He has never done that before and we will be taking Pepper to show off. I think Katie is going to ride him in one class. I don't know how he will like it but he will do it.

I started painting my purple things yellow today. It takes a while to cover the purple. It will be pretty. Now if we just get to the new patio. Steve will probably get to the ugly porch siding tomorrow. It is so beautiful. Tomorrow, I think #l on Bob's agenda with Steves help is to get the cooler back in the window.

I am kind of muttering along this evening so guess I will call it at night. Remember: It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do Yourself. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Hope you Thursday is better than today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today, on this Thankful Tuesday, I am thankful for the time I have had with Dixie. She just has not aged as I have. I talked to the lady who gave her to me. She called the lady who had, had her for 12 years and missed her so much. Her circumstances have changed for really really better and when she found I was going to find Dixie a new home called me immediately and on Thursday is coming to get her. She was sobbing when she talked to me and I am so happy they are going to be reunited.
So, these are my last pictures of Dixie. She will be going back to her real mom. She really has more go than I want in a trail horse so it is really a God sent miracle for them to be reunited.

Ramona from the BLM took this picture of Dixie and I at an adoption in Odessa, WA a year ago. We had a good time. She did give me a ride when she got a piece of bush caught in her tail and tried to spin it away. We both survived though.

This was the first winter she was here. The icecles in her mane don't show up too much. I have enjoyed her and am thankful I could take care of her until Christine could have her back. It will be sad to see her go but its been my choice and I am thankful to have had her.

This is where our house is today. Steve should finish the end tomorrow. We are getting ready to install the new kitchen door and change some wireing around. An electrician came by today to see what she will need there and to change lights around on the ugly porch. This is Bob's days to work so he has not had too much time to work on stuff.
This evening was spent trying to get the neighbors bull home. I was looking at our cows and there was an extra black bull. He is huge - he lives behind us and jumped the fence. Amazingly Billy did not seem to really be bothered by him infringing on his territory. He belongs behind us. We could not get him back thru the fence. We will try again tomorrow.
Remember: A friend is a neighbor of the heart.
Blanche Harris

Monday, June 22, 2009


While I was gone we had a hail storm. My poor zuchinni. It looks like it got shot with a shotgun. It will recover though. The tomatoe plants still have little tomatoes growning on them. I am glad to have missed the store however.

A news alert about Granny, the old horse. We are going to buy her and have a sponsor that will pay for her food and care. So she will be staying here. She has been wormed and we have purchased the shots. Will give them to her this week. She is looking more content.

I had a great weekend in Milton Freewater, Oregon and Walla Walla. The shows were both small but good competition. There are some really nice horses down there. I was tickled with an 8 1/2 year old boy riding a good sized appy mare and competing with the adults. He is so little. He only rides english. I asked if he was going to ride western and he gave me a funny look and said nah, I don't like that. He is so cute. Another small competitor named Nicholas caused me to crack up. He was dead serious. He is 4 1/2. Someone told him he had grown a foot since they had seen him last. He looked at his feet and said no, I only have 2. Funny.

I also met a gentlemen this weekend that read my blog. He is interested in mustangs. He is coming to the right place. He also could read Mustang Saga and others too. Andrea actually talks more about her horses. I get side tracked.

Please remember that next weekend is Mustang Days. Saturday we will just be there with our horses for people to see, pet and talk about and the Sunday an Open Schooling Show. It will be fun.

Remember: Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.
Booker T. Washington

Have a Tuesday that is not filled with obstacles.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The siding is going on. I love it, love it , love it. This was taken yesterday. Its a little further today. Steve will not be out over the weekend so it will be Monday until more gets done. Our new door should be here on Monday too.
Linda and Beautiful. And she is beautiful. I did her Compliance Check today so she will soon get her title. It was fun.
Linda did not want me to take a picture of this side because she had layed in the manure but it was OK. She is truley a wonderful young horse.

This is Granny's brand. We shaved it to read it to make sure it was correct. She is so gentle and cooperative. We have her on grass, Sr. feed, and grass hay. I am going to mix a little beet pulp to see if she will eat that. That should put some weight on her.
I am leaving in the morning to have my PT appointment and then off to Walla Walla. Saturday I work a horse show in Milton Freewater, Oregon and then Sunday at a show in WW. I hope its not too hot Saturday. There is no shade at the Possee Grounds.
Remember: Friendship is the gold thread that ties the hearts of all the world.
John Evelyn
Friends are very important to me - hope they are to you too. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

These are pictures of the Granny. She is a very sweet old lady. I picked up both her front feet and she did that fine. Her hind feet were a little more touchy. She is loving the grass, I do not believe she has picked up her head in 24 hrs.

She deserves somewhere to live her life out being pampered and loved. I will hate for her to go back to the corralls but that is where she is headed if we can't find a permanent home for her.
Today I am thankful for my little garden. Tomatoes have started, beans are coming up, radishes are up, lettuce is rising out of the dirt. I have wanted a garden for several years and am so thankful Bob built me the boxes. It makes sit so much easier on my back.

These are the raspberries that are coming right along. They are something I have wanted for a long time. They are getting little green berries starting. We need to put posts up and wires for them to grow on and lean on.
These are radishes that are coming up the farthest.. I love the boxes.

Tomatoes are setting too. Have 3 other plants in a planter. So on this thankful Tuesday, its my garden that I am thankful for.
We are going to a bbq this evening and won't get home until late so am doing this early in the afternoon. The weather doesn't look too good for a bbq but its a fareweall to our goodfriends Bernie and Sherrie who are leaving for Montana. Hate it when friends that you really care about move away.

Remember: If the point is sharp, and the arrow is swift, it can pierce through the dust no matter how thick.
Bob Dylan
Hope your dust is good and you have a good Thursday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I thought I would have pictures today but when I got to the pastures, the batteries would not run the camera and I did not have time to go back down there.

This morning we got the call from Angie at the BLM office to go pick up the old mare at Stockland. She had never been titled. She is indeed 26 and no amount of digging around could find where she came from. So, a long story shorter, Bob went down to Davenport to get her. He went in the pen and put the halter on her. She just was kind of resigned and let him do it. He led her out and she hopped right up into the trailer. When he got her home he led her over to the pen we were going to put her in and she put her head down to eat grass and has not stopped. We did put some hay in for her this evening and I am going to start her on a little Sr. feed tomorrow. She has brighter eyes and looks relieved to be here. We call her Granny. Angie told us they would pay for her worming and shots and we have the wormer so we will do that tomorrow. Then we will go get a 5 way and WN and give that to her. I think I will worm her and in 2 weeks worm her again. Bob will try to get at her feet one day soon too. Her front ones are kind of bad. She is up for adoption, anyone want a 26 year old lawn ornament. I promise I will have pictures tomorrow.

Had PT today. Jeff is on vacation so had a lady therapist. She was very nice but did not really work as hard as Jeff so don't know if it was worth it or not. He will be back on Friday.

Remember: Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it, one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.
Eleanor Roosevelt

So, love yourself and have a good Wednesday.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Our ugly porch got windows today. Both front windows and one on the R side. It is looking better but is still ugly. It is getting closer to not being though.

I took a picture of the color of the siding but it looks faded out and kind of grey instead of the green that it is. I will try again tomorrow. Steve worked hard. He finished the well house except the siding. He is supposed to be back here in the morning.

Today we went down to the livestock auction in Davenport. Do you know anyone who does that for entertainment. Bob did buy another steer that will be ready in about a month. If you know anyone who wants to buy meat, we will have some available. But that is not what I was going to tell you. We were sitting there watching the cattle come and go and a guy motioned for Bob to go down to him and out the door. Then in came Angie who is the BLM Mustang person. And, there was a mustang that was an impound horse. Which could mean about anything. We tried to read her brand. Its kind of hard but we think she is about 26 years old. They are trying to find out whether she is titled or not. If she is not, she can not go thru the auction. We should know in the next day or so. If she is not, we will take her until they decided what to do with her. She is thin and sad. And very thin. Maybe a 2 on the BLM chart. Sad. She is greying around her muscle and kneck. Poor old girl. Life has been difficult for her. If she is titled, next Monday she will probably go thru the auction for 10.00.

Remember: Friendship compounded of esteen and love, derives from one its tenderness and its permanence from the other.
Samuel Johnson

Have a friendfilled Tuesday.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Super Sunday

Today after church Bob and I went down to do a compliance check for the BLM. We are volunteers and having been through their training program. We went to Arlene of the blog "My Mustang Wildairo" Although she now has Echo too. We met her husband Brad and her son Williams also. Wildairo is a beautiful horse. He has not liked strangers but he came right up to Bob and ate carrots from his hand. They have had some trouble with a farrier and he needs a front foot trimmed. I told her I thought they might want to try a different one who would spend more time with Wildairo first and get to know him. Other than that he is an awesome horse.
This is Arlene's other horse Echo. He is black bay and is stunning. He will take a carrot from Arlene but she can not touch him. She is working a plan to get a halter on him with a catch rope. I am sure she will make big progress then. His year is not up until the last of August so we will go back then to check him out. He is going to max out over 15 hands I think. Wildairo will be close. Both are beautiful mustangs and she is proud of them both. She is level headed about their training and I was impressed.
Bob talked farming and cows ect. after he looked at thoses horses. Brad has the most beautiful pure alfalfa hay for $125.00 a ton. Bob and I are thinking of a couple of tons but we have not had time to talk too much. He slept all the way home and I drove.

This is Arlenes old horse Foxsun. He does not look too well and he has something growing under his chin. He is a delightful old horse that loves his belly scratched. In face he will come and nearly lean on you to get you to rub it

This little guy was standing by the fence just down the road from Arlenes. He is sooooo cute. We just had to stop and take his picture.
I want to say hello to Arlene's auntie in England. Arlene says she reads my blog. Thank you.
I wanted to elaborate a little more on our ride yesterday. We saw lots of deer. One was laying down not too far from the trail. Lots of bugs and a great deal of mosquitos. It was fun though and I hope we will do it again before too long. I must get a trail map though so we don't wander like we did part of the time. Hello again to Charlie who had been at our last meeting, Terri and Melissa.
Remember: Always and never are two words you thould always remember never to use.
Wendell Jones.
Hope your Monday is a day you will love.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sore and aching Saturday

This is Melissa with her black Wyoming mustang. I can not remember the horses name. I think its an Indian name. I asked her so many times I am embarrassed. She was a new rider with us today. Welcome Melissa. This person is Terri. She did not ride a mustang but a beautiful buckskin Missouri Foxtrotter. She was new to us today too. Welcome. They came with a friends dad Charlie. He rode a grey arabian cross mare. We welcome theme to the groupl It was fun and when I had ridden all I could and had to walk a way, Charlie got off and walked with him. I appreciated that so much.We stopped to eat lunch in the shade. We rode 12 miles. In the heat and I think it was a little much for all of us. Other than being sore I think the only near wreck we had was John on Cisco. Cisco had a tantrum and laid down with John on his back. John is Andrea's husband. We were glad to have him join us too.

Laura Richards and her horse Danny. He is a big QH. She has been part of our group for a while.

Bob Andrea and John at lunch. I think that is Melissa off to the left. We were so happy to have Mike and Jo Cameron ride with us. We had not seen them in a long time. They ride Tennessee Walkers. I think there were 10 of us. A nice ride on a hot day. I hope my aches have gone by tomorrow morning.

Katie rode Pepper because we could not catch Abby. She was going to meet us there. I have made a major decision I think. I am thinking of finding a home for Dixie. She pony's packs and nothing spooks her. She has way too much energy for me at my age. I really prefer to ride Pepper and plod along. She is easy to rode if she is ridden more. Then she settles down and is a great horse. She crosses water, goes anywhere you point her. Its just her energy level is so high when she is not ridden often and my old body needs the plugging along.
Remember: Beautiful young people are accident of nature - but beautiful old people are works of art.
Eleanor Roosevelt
I feel old tonight but don't know about the work of art. Have a blessed Sunday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12th.

Dustin, know on Nikki's blog Life With Boys - I wrote it wrong the other day. Don't know where my brain was = Heir Aparant - Dustin turns 26 today. I can hardly believe he is that old. This picture was taken on my birthday when I was at Nikkis after her surgery. He was bbq'ing my birthday dinner in the rain. When she asked me what I wanted and I said burgers, I did not know it was going to downpour. He did it for me. Such a sweet boy. I called him on his cell phone today and sang happy birthday to him and left it as a message. Its tradition. Happy Birthday sweet boy (young man) Today our siding arrived on a big truck. I hope they had delivered other siding. A huge truck for what they put on the ground would be kind of hysterical.
I think the young man driving the truck though I might be a little wacky when I was clicking pictures while he put the truck thru its paces. We have decided to make more changes than just siding the house and the ugly porch. We are going to put a door in the kitchen where the window out to the deck was. I have wanted that for a while. Besides, we are removing the deck and making a patio instead.

I don't think we can afford to pour a cement one this year after siding. So, gravel it will be. We will have a small back porch and a small area coming out the new door both with stairs down to the patio. We may use paver stones of some kind. I got most of the stuff off the deck today. Bob needs help to get the bbq off. The things I had painted purple, I am going to paint bright yellow. I am excited about it. Sunday we will go to the Ugly Duck store and see if they have a door like we want. Or like I want anyway.

I wonder what he would have done if Bob had not been here to help him unload it. I wanted to open one and see the color of it. However, just as I was gathering my camera back up and getting ready to go out the door a huge bang of thunder sounded, and i headed back inside rather quickly. I hate, I said I HATE thunder and lightening. So the color reveal will have to wait for another day. It rained like mad for a while but has quit now. This storm cell seems to have gone on to harrass someone else.
Tomorrow we have a Mustang Horse Club ride planned for Riverside State Park at 10 AM. I hope it does not storm in the morning. If its not so hot that will be good. I am going to ride Dixie. I have my stuff all laid out. Tomorrow I will have pictures of us riding.
Remember: Never do today what you can put till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light to what is best to be done.
Aaron Burr.
Have a clear view and have a nice Saturday.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is Ryan he "graduated" from 6th. grade today. He is on the honor roll, got a music award, and an award for placing high in the WASL. We are proud of him. It was a nice program even if it was hot and stuffy in there. Then they served ice cream bars and popsicles.

We went into town today again and I got some flowers. I think I have them just about filled up now. The planters. My head is working faster than my fingers. I got yellow African Daisies and some yellow Margarite Daisies. Our yard is such a mess this summer. We are having to remove all the turquoise trim off the house. And its full of spiders underneath it. I am working on the lower level. Bob does not want me to climb a ladder. The siding will arrive tomorrow. I think Steve will be here to get things laid out however it is he wants it. He also is finishing the well house for his dad.

I am so mad at AT&T. If we did not have a cell phone contract with them I would change to Verizon. Christy - our daughter in law - has worked for them for almost 2 years. She had kidney stones last week and had to wait a few days for them to pass. It was very painful. She missed 5 days of work. She was in the middle of a training program for some changes and they fired her yesterday because she did not finish the training in their time frame even though she had paperwork from the doctor. They are struggling with both of them working and now she has to find another job. She got her degree in accounting 2 years ago with a 3.75 GPA and I think she needs to find something like that. That is what she went to college for and was on the Deans List.

So, this was our day. Nothing too exciting - did watch a mama magpie teaching her babies to fly. They were cute.

Remember: A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Cody just standing there. His owner came our today and worked with him a bit. Old Cody has been fibbing to us about what he knows and what he doesn't. He truely loves Bonnie and I don't think she will let him go to anyone when we get him going. After he went to that "trainer" that did nothing he regressed and we just have to get him back to where he was. Bonnie sat on him once and he did not explode like that guy said he did. So we know about where he is in his training. I will be glad when I can really get into this. I miss getting in and working up a sweat with the horses.
This is a picture I could not find yesterday of Bryant. We are still proud of him today and will be. Nikki -at her blog Nikki and her boys - calls him Skater Dude. I call him sweet.
A good day. Bob went to Yakima today for work. Now he has the rest of the week off and the first 3 days next week. He did not get back in time to turn in what he went after. Locked up in our back yard is a Kia full of hand held computers. $500,000 worth. I think we will both sleep lightly.
PT was better today. Jeff did not try to move my shoulder blade. In fact it feels better than it has for a while. Now if I could just go and get a good massage and a pedicure I would think I was in seventh heaven.
Remember: It is important to make your personal environment as comfortable and uplifing as possible. Look foreward to a grand Thursday.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I have been searching my pictures for a picture of our grandson Bryant. Today I am thankful for Bryant Thomas Williams Edgerton. He is 18. The school system failed him completely and he dropped out of high school. Everyone just shook their heads but he said he would go get his GED. Alot just shook their heads. But he did it. Today on Nikki's blog she said he had passed all the tests and was now officially a high school graduate. We are so proud of you Bryant. He is such a smart and talented young man. We love you.

Went to PT today and I thought he was ripping my shoulder off. Or out. That is the place that is responsible for my neck pain. So tomorrow I got back and get beat up some more. He told me to leave the horses alone today. So I did. Hate that.

Bonnie is coming tomorrow to see Cody. He has settled down so much. He is so beautiful.

Remember: Truely nice people are happy people. Hope you have a happy Wednesday.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I had pictures on the camera that I was going to post tonight but had a little drama with Katie this afternoon and I did not get to the computer with them.

However, I do work with Cody for a time and he forgot he knew whoa so we worked on that. He was much better about his off side though. I did put the saddle pad on him and he was really nervous about it on his back. He did not mind my waving it around and he smelled it and tasted it but it made him nervous up there. We will continue to work on that. He does stand tied well. I just looped the rope around the hitch rack and he stood there like a real gentlmen. I even left him there and went to the barn to get a couple of treats. He was happy about that.

I worked with Rusty a while too. She is definately a strong willed horse. She thought the saddle pad would eat her and did not like it at all. I worked a while and she took it better. I did lead her quite a ways out of her pen or the round pen. That was progress. Time time time.

Remember: Every moment you are alive is a chance for a new beginning. Happy Tuesday to you all.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This going to be short again because I am yammering at the blasted computer. I swear, on my list of things this summer, a new computer is among them. I need help getting ready though and I asked Jim Spring to come. I will gladly pay him to get this ready.

I worked with Cody today. I learned that he knows how to lunge. Better on a lunge line than free but we worked on that. He knows whoa to the left but to the right he is not so reponsive. I learned that I can touch him all over with the lunge whip, wrap the string around all over. Better on the right than left and I could touch him with the white flag all over again on one side better than others. He did not understand giveing his rear end but got it OK after a bit. He did not know pivoting on the front end but got a couple of good crossovers both ways. He leads well. He would stop when I stopped and walk off with me when I moved my shoulder foreward so he has had some good ground work. We will need to work on that off side and see what he does with a saddle pad. I worked with him about 45 minutes. I would have done more but was afraid he would pull my shoulder. My goal this week is to tie at the hitch rail and get as good with the off side and to put a saddle pad on him. I forgot to take my camera down there so no pictures.

Oh, and our grandson Joel found my cell phone. Now I have 2. I am going in and have my good one reactivated tomorrow on the way to PT and have the other for a spare if this happens again. I was stuffed down and behind in the truck.

Kind of a lazy day. We went to church and I lay around all afternoon. Bob got in a load of hay. We got some really nice grass hay from someplace in Greenbluff. Two of our grandsons went and helped him. Ryan is a husky 12 and Joel is an adult. It was good to have their assistance.

Remember - Hurrying becomes a habit - slow down and enjoy your Monday.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graduation parties

Our Katie graduated last night and we went to her party today. It was very nice. She is excited now to get on with the rest of her life. We also went to a party for Cody who lives down the road and graduated from Medical Lake High School. Cody is autistic so this was a real challenge for him. Congratulations to these two special graduates and to the rest of the graduates too. Have a wonderful grown up life and remember if you give up hope of obtaining what seems impossible, it for certain will be.

That was mostly our day today. We had lunch at Katies party and supper at Codys so guess in the end we are the winners.

Sunday blessings to you..............................

Friday, June 5, 2009


Out my front door this evening. One of my favorite things about living here are the stunning sunsets.

Finished one of my garden boxes today. It has beans, zuchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. I also found a package of pumpkin seens several years old. I fixed one of my flower containers and planted them in there. I don't know if they will sprout or not. We will see though. Bob will finish my other box and will get the rest in. I know it sounds late but the snow was only off Mt. Spokane since the end of last week and that is the sign, according to old timers, that it is OK to plant with no more fear of frost till fall. So I am going with the old timers this year. The things I planted early got touched by frost and were sooooooo slow coming up, I think waiting is better.

Our bedroom TV bit the dust this morning. So I am not getting to watch the Mariners game tonight. Its not fatal but I enjoy listening while I am working here.

Remember Mustang Days in 3 weeks. Anybody with any donations of raffle items? Or, can you ask for some. I don't do well with that - asking.

Saturdays a comin'

Thursday, June 4, 2009


A very busy day....I lost my cell phone yesterday and looked all over using Bob's phone to call it. Everywhere I can remember I was. No luck so went to Wireless Solutions in Airway Heights and got a new one. I don't know when I will get all my numbers back in. I had over a hundred and it was my brain. At least I have one. That took up a good part of my morning. I had lunch with a good friend Helen. We have a good time when we have lunch together. Then off to Wally World to get a few groceries and home.

This was our Mustang Horse Club meeting instead of last month when I was gone. No many there but one new man Charles. He does not have mustangs but he does ride and has horses and wants someone to ride with. We made him as welcome as we could. Hope he comes back. We will have nicer first place ribbons and generic smaller ones for 2nd. thru 5th. No year on them so we can use them again.

Bob is working the second half of this week so the horses are not getting worked so much and I have been busy. Tiny Tim is doing well too.

Take care and hope your Friday is relaxed. I intend to do my best to do that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coyote Ice Cream AKA Cody

Cody came today. He is a really different color. He was a fright to catch. Bob had to rope him then he was caught and I could put his halter on OK. He did not want in the trailer at all but finally he hopped in.
Isn't that a unique mane and forelock? We could walk up to him and pet him this evening. Bob is doing most of the work with him because he has always been handled by a woman. Thus, I was the one to put his halter on.

He is a beauty. She will give him to someone who will give him a good home. He needs some work. He is from Coyote Lakes HMA and is 4 years old. He is about 14 3 hands and built very stocky. He went to a trainer that charged her 800.00, thru a saddle on him and did not ground work and he bucked. Surprise - the guy never got on him again. We are starting at the beginning.
I started Physical Therapy today. It felt good most of the time. He never completely got the knot out of my shoulder but it is better.
We got our first entry to the Mustang Days Open Schooling Show on June 28th. A mule. I am excited for the entries to start.
Bob goes to work tomorrow and Friday. Then next week works Mon. Tues. Wed. Give us more time. I have lost my cell phone. I had it after I got home. Bob is outisde in the dark walking around calling it. Darn. Need it.
Thursday is coming - more sun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I forgot when I was writing my blog that I intended to add, I have been tagged by Barbara at Serentiy Room to tell 6 things about myself. It does not say whether they are known facts or something not so known. She had 600 recipe books. I can tell you thats not on my list. If I never cooked again I would not care but down to my 6:

1. My hair started turning white when I was 19

2. I LOVE strawberry ice cream

3. I love lilacs but am really allergic to their fragrance.

4. Inside I am still the same horse crazy girl I was when I was a kid. Still am horse crazy.

5. I would love to live in Burns, Oregon

6. I could break the bank buying books.

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Thanks all: sometimes this is fun to check each other out.

Thankful Tuesday

Let me introduce you to Tiny Tim. He is the smallest calf I have ever seen but is active and cute. I went out with my camera today and had to look for him. He can hide behind a blade of grass. I knew I was close when Mama started in my direction. I did get his picture and could check whether he was a he or a she. We put Mom in a pen with lots of grass where we can grain her and watch the little guy. She does not appear to have much milk but she is a beef cow, how be it small. They don't seem to have as large udders. She is gentle though and did not mind when we moved her away from the others. Not a white hair on him I don't think.

Back to Thankful Tuesday, though that little miracle is enough. Today I am thankful for friends. They are dear to me. I am going to talk about a few, others to be sure. First of all my friend Patty Cairns (not the same Patty as all my tears for). I don't see Patty often, but I know that all I would have to do is call and say help and she would be here. Kim is so special. I am a 2nd. mom to her although she has a wonderful Mom. Kim used to live down the road and had to audacity to move to Eureka, Montana. She is a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines and when she has a stopover in Spokane, we get together and talk and talk. My blogger friend Barbara of Serenity Gate. I got to meet her in person this spring. I count her among my friends. Janet lives in Puyallup and I have known her since I was a kid. We went camping together with her family when I was about 13 and we tried to get in the same sleeping bag and got stuck and her dad had to shake us out. We still laugh about that. And I could not leave out my oldest friend Louise who lives in Texas. We have known each other since we were 5. I wish she lived closer. We do talk on the phone rather often. Enough? You get it, I love my friends and each one whether close by in miles or far away have a very special place in my heart. I love you.

We worked a little with Rusty today. She is getting better. We will go back to the saddle in a few days and see if it works better.

Today we went into Spokane and ordered the vinyl siding for our house. I finally found some in a color I could like. Cypress Green and pure white trim. It will be delivered on Monday afternoon and the boys will get started on it. I am excited about it.

Hope your Wednesday is off the charts wonderful.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Goodness gracious but this has been a busy past month. I did work Sunday at a horse show out in the Spokane valley. It was so hot and no shade. Thank God for sunscreen. I only got a little pink above my shirt. I did wear a longsleeved light weight shirt over it and that was partly a help. Today I had good intentions - I was going to catch the laundry all up and thoroughly clean our bathroom and bedroom.

Well about 11 Bob said he was going to the auction, did I want to go. Of course I did. We bought a pig which went directly to the butcher shop. We stayed for a while and then came home. Bob took the trailer back to pick up the pig and take it out to Dunhams. I did put the horses out in the pasture. They were looking foreward to me opening the gate. When it was time to put them back in - 3 hrs. - and they would not come. I was stomping back and forth getting more irritated by the minute and I looked over at the cows. There was one too many babies.

We had watched Posie when we first got her and had about decided she just had a hay belly and we would probably sell her for meat this fall. She did not make a bag at all. Well, this evening we discovered sometime in the last 24 hrs. she had the littlest baby. We could not get close enough to tell boy or girl but its so cute and was so active. A really nice surprise this evening.

The horses got put in by Bob when he got home. The four wheeler makes it much easier. It was next door with the sprayer attatched so I didn't take it. They respect that though.

Hope you had a surprise today.