Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We did it.

Storm cloud leaving us.

And a gorgeous sunset. The air is hazy because of the fires in eastern Washington.

Our grandson Dustin and his friend Andrea. They stopped by this afternoon to get his guitar and some things for him like peppers and tomatoes from the garden and some things I wanted to send to Nikki.

Our handsome Dustin. Love that boy. He is 29 and shows no interest in getting married. That is OK. When he meets the right one he will or not. Which ever is just fine.

I rode Sage today for over an hour. She did good. I worked her for almost an hour and then rode her for over an hour in the arena. She got stubborn at one point and I had to really pop her to make her go. She thought she should be done and planted her feet. However, I turned her in circles, flexed her and did it the other way. Several times. I did it with out a baby sitter here watching me. I got tired or waiting for someone to get here and so I just did it. I thought Bob would yell at me but he just asked me how she did. She is a little tougher to the right but we worked on it.

We leave tomorrow at noon so you probably will not hear from me again until the 1st. or second.

I will check messages in the morning and then off goes the computer for a good rest. Maybe it will work better after a rest.