Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mud boots, snow boots and now back to Mud boots

Well we aren't quite down to mud in most places but it is water over ice which makes it tricky walking. I am not really afraid of much but I am afraid of falling on the ice and hurting myself. #1 I don't like to get hurt and #2 at my age bones seem to break easier.

We are in a mess here with water. Both ends of the barn have water running in. Peppers stall is half way filled with water. The snow was higher than the barn. Every year we talk about raising the stalls especially on the west end of the barn but then forget it but this is the worst it has been. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it now. The water has to go someplace and this seems to be it. I expect Dixies stall to be starting to flood by morning. Dittos is higher.
But at this point, it may too. With 10-12 foot piles along side the barn, its a mess. Rusty's pen is getting bad too. We will have to somehow get the other round pen put up and move her to it. We had intended to do that anyway but did not plan to do it in the midst of all this glop.

Bob just has worked since Monday of this week and he got a job promotion today. As soon as the roads are better he will start delivering stuff to the outlying areas. Packets from the Censes Bureau. If its OK, maybe I will get to go with him some of the time. That would be nice.

Not much else going on. Started another denim quilt today for our grandaughter Jadeyn. She will love it, I am sure. I love to sew but when I get inturrupted it is hard to get back to it.