Thursday, July 31, 2008

12 days to go

I was going to give Sierra her last day off but decided not to. We are going on a trail ride on Saturday so that's her day off. We meaning Tyler and I. Bob has been trying to think how he could but I threatened him with something fierce if he even tried. Let alone thought of it. Sierra will have Saturday to run and buck and role in the dirt.

Today I fit the show halter on her. She did not like it too much but will be used to it by the time we leave. I thought I had sold all my show halters but going thru our tack room to get rid of stuff we don't want or need, lo and behold there was one I got for a Quarter Pony. It fit Sierra perfectly and looks really pretty on her. Am really glad I lost it until today.

The only residual results from yesterdays debacle is a couple of big bruises. One on my side and one on the outside of my knee. Don't know where that one came from The one just below my ribs was where her foot and I connected.

After working with her in the round pen with the show halter, I caught her again and put her rope halter on her. Then into the arena to work. She did just fine. She backed the cloverleaf in the barrels, over the bridge, in the square and later trotted over it, she walked the larger poles that are in the arena but said she did not want to trot them today and I had trotted all my legs would so we came to an agreement on that. She did step up on the box and moved her rear end around it about half way. I picked up her feet and we worked on her bow. then to the trailer and she got right in as always. I backed her our the first time and then she wanted to go back in and we turned around and she walked out. I hugged on her and let her go to her stall and fed her supper. I have cut her food back some because I read someone say they did not do well in the conditioning because their horse was too fat. She isn't fat but she is in good condition. I want her to stay just like this.

Tomorrow Tyler and I will load the horse trailer. The ride is over on 4Th. of July pass between Idaho and Montana. I think my saddle is still there. I will probably ride Dixie with a mechanical hackamore. I was told she liked that the best. Will need to fit her though so its OK. don't want to have to do that when we are supposed to be mounting up.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

13 days and not so lucky

This started out to be not such a good day. My body is telling me so this evening too. First of all, putting this in order - Sierra did not want me to put the halter on her in the stall. I had to be really stern with her. I just thought she was getting even for me going down about 2 AM when I could not sleep and waking her up. I finally got the halter on her and she was kinda of jumpy in the 30 mph wind when I put her out in her little pasture. The wind had calmed down some and she had eaten a while so I went to get her to work with her. She came to me when I called her and had the same sweet look on her face.

I reached up to put the halter on her and a big gust of wind came and she thought she was Pegasus I guess and whirled and bucked and caught me with her hind foot in my ribs. Knocked me head over tea kettle. Scared me more than hurt me and then she came up and put her nose on me while I was on the ground like "why are you down there". Pulled on my shoe laces and stood there. My camera had gone flying and I did not know where it was. Tyler saw me on the ground and came dashing over. He got my camera, helped me up and petted Sierras face and told her she was a bad girl.

I went to the house for about half and hour and then went to catch her again. She still was not going to be caught. I finally got her and we went to the round pen and she trotted both directions changing directions. She was head high , bug eyed for a while and then she settled down and obeyed. When she dropped her head and started listening. Don't know what got in to her today. The wind?

Later, I went and got her out of her stall and we went to the arena and she was great. Did everything I asked except side pass from right to left. She did it but not near as nice as the other way. Tomorrow I am going to go and get a cheap CD player so I can work out with the music. I was proud of her this last time but she is not going to get out into her pasture when the wind is blowing.

I got an e mail from Kali today and need to call the Reno show grounds tomorrow. She said we are to check in on Thursday and the other last e mail said we could on Wed. I wanted a day for her to settle in. I am getting nervous - so many directions. Be here, be there.

My side is bruised from the kick and my left arm and hip are sore from where I hit the ground with a thud. I bruise so easily because of the blood thinners I have to take since that dumb stroke in December. I may look spotted tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

14 days and counting.

Well Miss Sierra did not like me taking her picture I guess. She was playing in the water and I was talking to her.

She started the day off being really naughty. I mean really naughty. I had not trotted her in the round pen for a few days and it was cooler today so thought that would be a good thing to do. She forgot all together how to do that. She ran into the fence, swung her rear at me and worked herself into a a real lather. When she had gone around twice without any fits I told her whoa and she came right to me. I asked her to side pass and she did that really well surprisingly. Then I put her in her outdoor pen and let her nibble for 3/4 hrs.

Later after I took a nap because I had a throbbing headache, I caught her and worked with her in the arena. She did really well. Trotted with me when I asked her. On a loose reign too. She backed OK, we did a figure eight instead of a clover. She did well. She trotted over the poles and did the best she ever has in the arena. THEN I asked her to step up on the box. She loves doing that. I finally ducked under her. She did not care in the slightest. Don't know if we will do that or not. She side passed well and we trotted some more. I am so very proud of her.

Probably will be one of the most difficult things of late that I will do is to let her go. I have really gotten attached to her. I am praying for a loving home that is going to take her to her full potential.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 15

Well humans bob for apples, Sierra was bobbing for a small piece of board that floats in the the water for birds. She chased it clear to the bottom trying to get it in her mouth. Did didn't get it. She did have her front feet in the water too but I did not have my camera with me then. She is a water pony.

I gave her a real bath today. She did well. I had not done that for a while. Then I took her up on the lawn to nibble a while before I put her away. Later we went into the arena and went thru our mini trail course. She does it just fine. Her backing around the barrels was not as smooth as yesterday but OK. Her square circle was better today so its even steven. She did her walkovers perfectly. She sidepassed from L to R perfect. R to L isn't as smooth but better than it was. Today was the first time we did it over a pole. I was impressed with her. Almost went under her when she was on the box but lost my nerve. Just need to have better knees. Maybe tomorrow. She was a really great girl today.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday - A windy day

We got the last 72 bales of the alfalfa hay we got from Mike Illeaukas. I am glad we had paid for it previously. He didn't have too much second cutting. We have 3/4 tons of good grass hay coming too and then we should have enough. Bob is going to sell the cows before we have to begin feeding them.

Something killed another of our chickens last night. Bob is "positive" its a feral cat but I don't know. The free range chickens are now in the coupe with the fence. And he put the hen and her 13 new babies in the new tack room. (oh joy) but they will be safe in there. They are so cute.

And now to Sierra. She was in the arena most of the day to get exercises. She came to the gate to meet me when I went out there. I put the halter on her and we practiced with her trotting with me. She does OK but I am afraid she will run into me and knock me down so we will work on that some more. She did the backing thru the barrels really quite well. She side passed L to R beautifully but not as well the other way. She does it but not as well. She does yield her hind quarters well. And her shoulders, just doing it together. When she had her front feet up on the box, standing there surveying the world, I was really tempted to scoot under her but I am not as spry as I used to be. I may get my guts up yet to try it. I rubbed her belly bumped her with my shoulder and did everything but do it.

14 days to go.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

15 to go

A good day. Spent the day with out son Tom and his family. Those kids are country kids at heart that live in town. Particularly Sheya who is 6. I was cleaning stalls and that little muffin stayed right with me using a stall fork talking a mile a minute why it was important to keep the horses "house" clean. She rides like a little wild cowboy. I gave her a silver dollar for her help.

I worked Sierra with the gang waving flags and making loud noise. She got a little worried at first but then went up and tried to take the flags from them She did back the cloverleaf as near perfect as we have yet. She did the square OK and I was not up to trotting. I put her out to eat and then later I led her around the obstacles, up on the box and worked at side passing. She was much better. Then Sheya led her up to the deck where everyone else was sitting and held her while she ate.

Tyler went and got Pepper and led her around because I did not want her riding bareback with a halter out and about. Hers 2 brothers rode. Ryan has gone into the Bob Marshall for a week with his grandpa last summer so he is a pretty good rider. Hes 11. Seth is a little timid but he just got over a broken collar bone so his courage is waning. He is 9. I did not get any pictures. Bad Grandma.

Friday, July 25, 2008

16 days

Whew 16 days. It is getting scary. Our Mustang Club had a BBQ here this evening and they came out and made noise which made Sierra pretty snorty. She had a good run after she broke away from me but she had already shown them what she can do. She backed the cloverleaf perfect = well almost perfect. But VERY good. She did not do the turn around in the square so good but was a little overcome by the noise the group was making. After her run she behaved herself and got down to business. I was proud of her. Her performance tonight is not top 3 quality. Tomorrow we will get back at it more seriously. HAD to clean house this morning and get stuff organized for tonight.

My day went smoother than yesterday. My sweet grandnephew is doing well after his grand mall seizure yesterday. It was very scary. For all of us. Particularly when you are 2,000 miles away and can't do anything. Things better today though.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

17 days to go

Did not do the trail stuff with Sierra today. Had to take a grandsons keys back to him that he left in my car and he needed to go to work. My friend Cindy came by to see her just before I was putting her out to eat so she was kind of naughty. and not a good day. A great granddaughter Arawyn is in the hospital, My good friend Elsa from high school died, and Nikki just called and my special grand nephew was just life flighted to a hospital in Nashville, TN. It is very serious. Lord, what is going on here?

What I did with Sierra today was tie her up and let her stand there and I used the clippers with the new blades. She just stood there and let me. I only got half of her feet done because the clippers got hot. I will finish another day. Those are my pictures today - a pretty new bridle path, a clean face and partly clipped feet.

18 Days to go

Took our car in to KIA this morning for the day. Tyler followed us and chauffeured us around doing errands and Bob to the doctor. He is doing OK but they did not put a real cast on it. The doctor said if he did he thought Bob would do too much so he left it in the splint and we will go again in 2 weeks. No weight on it whatsoever though. It makes him house bound but it will make him appreciate the chores when he can do them again. LOL

Sierra got a pretty good workout this evening. She still is rebelling about backing up much but we are working on that. She side passes much better. I need to move the poles over a bit because they are not right for her strides. She needs to be able to step with one step or 2 but right now she is stumbling. We will go out first thing after breakfast (hers) and work on that some more. We have sort of a bow, better than none. Not just what I wanted but we will work on it. Can really do a lot in 18 days.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A cool day

Loved today. I am enjoying summer but today our high was about 70 and made it nice to get out and do things. Did not sweat my clothes soaked cleaning Sierra's stall.

Sierra did OK both times today. This afternoon was better I think. She would still like to dash away when I lunge her in the arena on a longer rope. SO, its a short rope. Her best time to try to dash away is when I am backing her around the barrels and she gets tired of it. If I do it on a loose lead she leaves so we do it on a short lead. That seems to work. She will back a kind of lopsided cloverleaf pattern. The first barrel is good, the 2ND. not so good and the thirds is a battle. She got away from me the other day both times so I think she thinks that is going to work.

Bob is doing better today but scared me this evening. He almost fell. Crutches are a real challenge for him.

If you are reading this and are in the area, our Mustang Horse Club is having a BBQ at our house Friday evening July 25Th. Please come and get acquainted with the other Mustang owners in the area. We are planning a trail ride for Sept. 13Th. Come and find out about it.

Bob's "Wonder Horse" Pepper did something really uncharacteristic to him today. Our beloved black gelding wigged out and got Dixie in a corner and was kicking her unmercifully. She fell to her knees trying to get away. I am so glad I was out hanging clothes on the clothes line when it started. I was afraid to get in the middle of it but started throwing things at him and screaming at him and he backed off for a minute and Dixie, bless her heart got away from him. Don't know what set him off but he can't do that. I put him in the round pen for a while so things could settle down. Poor Sierra was in her little pasture next to them and it scared her half to death. I went out to get her and when I said Sierra come, she came. "I want to go to my house" she said to me.

20 days left.

A bad day

Not too much with Sierra today. Did walk and trot her thru the trail course I have set up. She did OK for the most part. My heart was not in it. For one thing it was 100 degrees.

And the other thing is that Bob called me at 8 this morning that he had gotten hurt at his one day a week job at the stockyard. A bull ran over him fighting with another bull. He face above his eyes looks like a meat grinder got a hold of it. His left leg is broken just below his knee and the bull stepped on his back over his kidney and it is bruised. He sees our doctor tomorrow. I don't believe he will be going back there to work. I think our kids might duct tape him to a tree if he tried.

I don't think this will interfere with Reno but I may have to drive and I don't like driving our truck.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day of Rest

This is the banner that hangs in our front yard beside our driveway. I don't know if anyone will be interested enough to stop but just maybe.

Today was a day of rest for Sierra and me. It was 90 and we worked really hard all week. Bob fixed a small pasture for her with alot of grass and she could see the house and the other horses and she was contented all day. She came in willingly about 6. I went out and told her to come and she did. Put the halter and lead on her and just lead her in. Her supper was waiting. I will have to get up early to work with her early because triple digets are forcast. 22 days to go.

Bob took Katie and her dad for a little ride this morning. They left here at 7 and went down to Riverside State Park for a couple of hours. Katie rode Dixie. She did good with her. Dixie had been ridden by no one else but me since I got her and Katie is a timid rider. Bob rode Katie's horse Abby for her first real trail ride. She did great. Only one little episode over a big green sign but nothing major.

After they got home Bob took Tyler and I to breakfast and we have had quite a lazy day since.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sassy Sierra

This was not a good day. She was more naughty today than any other day since I have had her. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She did her trotting just fine, side passed the best she ever has BUUT then I took her to the arena to walk over the big poles and to practice backing. No no not today mom. She begrudgingly got thru the first two barrels, tried to bite me again, and when we came to the second barrell she said "out of here" and jerked out of my hand and went tearing around the arena snorting and bucking. When she slowed down I said come and surprisingly she did. That was the good thing. Then we had a repeat and this time she would not come so it was my idea to keep running, and bucking and running some more. I finally caught her and we tried again. Got around one barrel and thought, that is enough but no treats.

My hand is sore and my body is tired from chasing her. Remember I am 70 years old. The arena is very soft and deep. Soooooooo tomorrow we will try again. That is our big thing to work on.

But this evening when we were bbqing and sitting on the deck we heard a loud crash in the barn and our son and grandson went to check on her. They hollared loud for us and she was cast in her stall. Could not get close enough with her thrashing to get a rope on her to pull her on over. Scared me so bad. Finally she herself over and stood up. A little shaken but OK. She did get a treat then.

Katie came out and I gave her a lesson on her horse Abby. Mostly it was how to manage the horse without being scared. Abby can be really silly sometimes and Katie is a timid rider. She is a good rider but has gotten dumped off Abby and worries about getting hurt again. Abby is pulling her chain. I am trading lessons for yard work. Katie keeps telling me I need to do this and that in the yard so I told her we could barter. She, her dad and Bob are going for a ride in the morning. Tyler and I are going out to eat. We are one horse short to ride and 2 horses short in the trailer. So grandma is taking grandson out for breakfast.

No pictures today. I could not make it work for some reason and thats OK. Not so good pictures today anyway. Hope for better times tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Forgot how to back

Here is my sunburnt face. The MHF wanted a head shot of me. This is what I had. It is what I look like sunburn and all.
I worked with Sierra twice today and she forgot how to back up. We were practicing backing around the barrels in a cloverleaf pattern and lo and behold she forgot how. We worked a long time on that. Never got it good but at least backed up.
When we trotted together she thought she was going to run and buck. Not so much I told her. It is the hardest thing we do for me. My 70 year old knees don't want to do that. I wish I had a clue what kind of an obstacle course they were going to throw at us. She walks over poles - everything from old telephone poles cut in half lengthwise, white plastic pipe and fence posts besides poles. We are working on the backing, she crosses the bridge, does a turn in a square, loads in a trailer and I can pick up all four feet just fine. I can wrap her up in a tarp and she walks over it. She gives me a lip roll when I ask for a kiss and puts her front feet up on the box. So I guess I am just stressing over what I don't know about and won't until we get there.
Not so hot today but a blistering weekend is predicted. Bob is going on a ride with friends Sunday AM but I won't be able to go. Not enough trailer space. Tyler and I will go out to breakfast.
Till tomorrow. Remember I still need sponsors.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clipper Day

Today was the first day that I have used the electric clippers on Sierra. I had done her bridle path with the scissors but today got out the clippers. She just stood there. I did her bridle path and started on the whiskers but the blades are dull and I put them away before I upset her. I did go buy a new set of blades this afternoon so will finish tomorrow and perhaps do her feet also. I don't think there is much that bothers her.
We did some playing with the tarp today. It still doesn't seem to bother her in the least. We walked over the poles, turned in the square and put her front feet on the box. She almost yawns at the obstacles. She still isn't too secure with the sidepass. She doesn't like doing it. That is the one big thing we will be working on the next 24 days.
Oh my did I say 24 days. That is when we leave. My insides are shaking at the thought.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Thank you so much to those who have put money in my paypal account. You just don't know how good it feels to have friends you didn't know you had be so supportive. God bless you each one.

We worked hard today but did not accomplish anything new. We worked on come after whoa. On the lunge line she does well but no so much without it. She wanders around and then looks back at me like oh are you there. I did turn her out in the arena and let her run and buck. She did that very well. Tomorrow is another day.

We went to our BCH meeting this evening. It was our annual picnic in the park. Nice but I am tired. Someone brought a keylime pie and I could have just eaten that. Oh was it good.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A good day

I went into Spokane this morning and ordered my banner. Thanks to my friend Kim. I will pick it up Thursday. Then off to the dollar store to get a few things I thought might come in handy in Reno. When I finished there I went to see my daughter Christyn and had her braid my hair. She is sweet to do that for me. Had to go get some beet pulp on my way home. When I got home I laid down and took a nap. Gosh, I seemed ambitious huh?

Sierra and I had a good workout today. Not 3/4 like usual but one really good one. She thought she was really smart stepping up onto the box. but then, she follows me up onto the front porch and the deck so why not up on a box.

I have been worrying about her being ready to be judged in conditioning. So what do you all think. I don't think the pictures turned out the places I wanted them but don't know how to fix it. Oh well they are there.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A windy day

Three work outs with Sierra today. She did not like the wind and blowing dust too much. She will not go free and walk with me, back etc. She just wandered away. We will be working on that. She is gaining some muscle and weight. And getting dapples. Bob picked up her feet this evening and held them about as long as he will when he trims them next week. Her side pass is getting better every day. And she trots with me readily. Those are things I really wanted to get done besides the obstacles. I wish I knew what kind of obstacles they have used in the past. I have barrels, walk overs, trot overs, back thru's , a tarp, she loads and picks up feet. Just perfecting things I guess.

Pictures again tomorrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A busy weekend over

Poor Sierra did not get worked much this weekend but got handled a lot and got to graze quite a bit and that is what is really important at this point. We kissed out kids, grand kids, great granddaughter goodbye and collapsed. Love them and love having them. My beloved former pastors wife Norma Lelacheur once said "I have seen the lights of Paris and I have seen the lights of Rome but the best lights of all is my children taking their children home." That has stuck in my mind as our family grows. Love them all soooooo much but it is wearing.

I am sending along some pictures of our week long camping trip. Nikki, our oldest daughter who is a good rider but does not get to ride often is the first picture. She is riding Bob's" Wonder Horse" Pepper. He took good care of her. He is fun to ride however slow.

The 2ND. picture is of Deer Creek falls. It was about a 12 mile ride round trip and a hike down to the falls. It was worth it though. We ate a leisurely lunch and the horses stood tied in the shade till we were ready to go back. Its a lovely time of year to ride in the back country this time of the year because the flowers are beautiful.

The last picture is of Pepper, Raven and Dixie. they were grazing in the corrals there. We hobbled them and let them out to really eat for a couple or three hours every night and an hour in the AM before we left. Dixie is proving to be a wonderful horse for me. Love her so much. Not only is she small enough I can get on from the ground which is wonderful for my aging short legs. but she goes absolutely anywhere I aim her.

So a couple of days late but it was a great time and fun to ride. Saw lots of deer. Lots of ground squirrels, chipmunks and squirrels. Lots of pictures too. But way too many to post.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Having company is tiring but its been great today. Nikki and her husband Carmen and their boys are here, one of their older boys, his wife and baby were here, our daughter Christyn and her partner Wendy were here and all three of Chrissy's kids and their cat were here all day. We BBQ'd and had a great day.

I did manage to work in a good workout with Sierra first thing this morning. She was receptive to everything we tried. I just keep trying to think of things to add so we can may an impression on the judges. This evening I got another excellent workout with her. It was rather impressed with her actually. We did the trotting over the poles for 15 minutes and then I said whoa. She said what, I think I will wander around. I got a hold of her halter. She gave me that look only Sierra has and I walked forward with my hand under her chin a ways but no rope. She walked, trotted and backed with no rope, just my hand in front of her. Several laps of the round pen and then we did figure eights and stopped and set up square. I bounced the big green ball all around her and off her back and hip and under her. She just stood there. I walked her some more free and then tried the side pass and to the left she did wonderful. Then to the right not so good, I had to take ahold of her halter. But all in all WONDERFUL. We leave one month from today.

The other mustangs all got the day off to rest and recoup. I promise to put the pictures on tomorrow.

Till then

Its late

Its very late and I am very tired. We got home this afternoon from our week of camping on Craig Mountain at Larabie Corralls. It was sooooooooooooo fun. We rode and rode and rode and lazed around and got sunburned. I will add some pictures tomorrow. It is only about 30 miles out of Lewiston, Idaho and well worth the drive. Our mustangs thought we were nutty some of the time but went anywhere we asked. Our daughter Nikki thought we were taking her on "A Man from Snowy River" ride some of the time but she survived.

Was glad to see Sierra. She was antsy to get outside. I just let her out to eat and then put her in. I just didn't have it in me to work with her tonight. Tomorrow, Sierra, tomorrow. I think I have the music picked for Reno if per chance we make it into the top five. I think it will be Will You Remember Me, I will remember you. I don't know if that is the name or not but that is the just of the song.

Tomorrow -

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting ready to go camping

It has been a VERY long day. Bob started at 10 this morning to do something with the pressure tank on our well and after discovering some leaks, they just finished and came in. It is midnight. They meaning our grandson Tyler and Bob. We are supposed to leave in the morning for Craig Mountain with our horses for 4 days of camping and riding. I don't think we will get out of here too early.

Today Sierra and I trotted together at a nice trot. That is a first. I had my stick in hand but did not touch her with it. It has been a struggle to get her to trot. I had this aha moment when I was lunging her on the line and shortened up the line and started trotting with her. I trotted closer and closer until we were side by side. We stopped and started many times and then went outside the round pen. Was so proud of her. That is something that I had not gotten her to do at all.

Another big step today was she took a treat out of my hand and ate it. We use packer pellets for treats and she had never taken one. But today she did. I was proud of her.

I think I have found my music for the freestyle if I would happen to get into the top 5. I am not expecting to but have to be prepared. Can't remember who its by but the song is "I will remember you." It will probably make me cry because she and I are so bonded but I promised Bob I would let her go.

I will be gone a few days - see you all later.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday, July 5th.

A nice day. Sierra followed me up on the deck today. Silly filly - went right over to the fountain and took a drink. Laughed myself silly. She is also developing magic lips and got out of her stall again today. Just eats around in the yard. She gets so upset to be put in a pen but eats in the back yard and does not go anywhere else. I do leave her halter and a drag rope on her but when she lets herself out, she has neither. Tyler caught her tonight and then put a small chain around the post so she can't get out.
We are still working on the side pass, want it nice and smooth but we sure are not there yet AND she still won't trot with me. She is too lazy I guess. Bob said he would help me some tomorrow get her going. I wears me out trying to pull her a long. When I use the stick to make her trot I would have to be able to run a 3 minute mile to keep up with her. One month and 7 days until we leave.
I wish I knew how to add my list of sponsors. Anyway, so far they are Kim Marboe, Katie Hewes, Nikki Edgerton and Lorysue Enterprises. Thank you each of you. My paypal account should be up and running this week.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

I can't get my picture to download today. I get so irritated with my computer.

We went this evening into Spokane for the fireworks and it was beautiful as always. We walked around for a while and then found us a spot and just relaxed for a while. A fun evening for Bob and I and Tyler.

Sierra did her trotting this morning and we worked on side passing. That is not coming as easy as some of the other things. Both ends don't work at the same time. We worked on whoa too. She only seems to think that works when we are leading or she is free lunging in the round pen. I want her to know it means anytime. Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3

The picture is when Sierra followed me up onto the front porch and played with my poodle Skeeter thru the bottom of the door.
Another hot day and I just did not have it in me to do too much with Sierra today. I did put her in the round pen for her half an hour of trotting. She did not object. I have 5 poles in there about 5 strides apart and she rarely clicks them. When she does I speed her up a little and tell her to pick up her feet. We practiced whoa mostly. Some days it is excellent but some days not so much. 6 weeks to get it all down. Did let her out to eat for an hour while I cleaned her stall and rebedded it and then just watched her. I just leave the lead rope on her and turn her loose in the yard. If I put her in a pen she paces and gets upset so I just let her free range for a while. She never goes far from where she can see me and is happy. She is eating her grain just fine now. She is getting a supplement to help her with weight gain, a scoop of ground flax seed, a coffee can of oats and 2 1/2# of soaked beet pulp topped with a vitamin mix. She gets a can of oats in the morning and then the concoction at night. She seems to be putting on a little weight. I know she needs to compete in the conditioning phase. She seems to like it all.
Had a little disaster this evening. Katie came out to ride Abby and Abby decided to be a total jerk, ran away with her in the arena. She rode the running fine but when she made an abrupt stop Katie came off and landed on her back. She is kind of a timid rider anyway but was making progress. Don't know what got into Abby. She spooks at stuff. Katie tried to pull her ahead around but she just bowed her neck and would not give. It will be back in the round pen and work on some of these things. This was the first time we have let her go out and ride without one of us being there. We were eating. Her parents are going to be so upset. Very protective and this will be difficult. She was OK, just her back hurt.
We have a small pasture full of young goats. One is ours, the rest there to help eat the weeds. I went out to check their water this evening. One of the little guys had his head stuck in the fence. Its a field fence and he has little horns
Another thunder boomer is headed out way. As dry as it is, fires are always a problem.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A good day overall. It is still hot - probably till Sept.- I promise I am not complaining. I worked with Sierra this morning. She got sweaty again and doesn't like it. She is a princess. I lounged her to get some muscle on her yearling body. Bob has some sacks full of shavings tied together and I put them over her back and she just looked at them. Took a bite at one of them but did not do anything. She did not mind the purple noodles flopping in the breeze and had a time with the big green ball trying to smell it and have it move. Did some work without the lead on her and she did very well. Bob was duly impressed but I really think he is prejudiced though. He thinks all I do is wonderful. That makes me very happy of course. I hope the judges in Reno think so too.
Katie came out and rode Abby today. Since we gave Abby to her she has come more often and is riding much better. She is a sweet girl.
Bob talked to Ramona in Burns today and we have another horse coming when we come back from Reno. A 3 year old filly. I have not seen her. Andi does not have room so I hope that Ramona can find a place to stow her till we can get there. He better think of a name for her. Tracey calls her Tank but I would go for something a little more feminine. Bob will come up with something I am sure. He named Pepper and Abby.
I wonder why my pictures went across the top. I wanted the one on the right to be down further on the page. Oh well, at list it printed.

Thunder storms

Last night I did not write because a number of thunder boomers came by and I had to turn my computer off. It makes me nervous to have it on with lightening striking all around us. That is the one part of summer I HATE. It scares me spitless.

I think the up coming storms are what convinced Sierra last night that she could leap out of the round pen. She worked herself into a sweat and she didn't like that either. God forbid that my princess sweat. She never has tried to leap out, not even the first day but she did last night. We just kept trotting until she settled down but we were both sweating. I put the biggest bouncy ball I could find a Walmart in with her and 6 purple pool noodles. Neither of the caused her more than a glance. She pushed the ball around some. I bounced it and bounced it off of her all over including her face. Not a reaction at all. I waved noodles all over and she just looked so am feeling good about that. We also worked on the side pass. She is doing much better. 2 or three steps of good. Now if both ends would do good at the same time we would have it made.

Totally off the mustang thoughts, our 14 month old great granddaughter fell off her Mommy's bed in the middle of the night and broke her arm. She usually sleeps with mommy until Dad gets home from work about 2 AM. She was so sad and pathetic looking. We went back in the evening and she will be ready to go home this morning. Her name is Lilianna.

I am going to try to add a picture of Sierra trying to get thru the front screen door from the front porch. Bob took the picture. She wanted in. She is a funny girl.