Wednesday, November 7, 2012


No pictures, they are still in the camera.  I don't think I took too many other than Halloween.  Had a nice visit with Nikki and her family, got to see Chrissy and Wendy's apartment and spend some time with them.  I also went to Seattle to attend the Washington State Horseman's convention.  I don't think it was as largely attentended as past years.  I would have thought so, I heard so many complaints about it always being in Central or Eastern Washington but they still didn't come so I guess we need to have it where ever we can get the best deal.  Next year in Yakima and that really is most handy for me.  Not that it matters much to the others I would imagine.

My friend Tracey who lives in Bellingham had a terrible thing happen.  She adopted a nice yearling from Burns.  She got away from her by crashing through a fence and running away.  They live across the road from lots of hills, timber, logging roads and such.  They have been looking for over a week now.  She has been sighted but unless they got her this afternoon, they have not gotten her to come to hay and other horses penned up where they saw her last.  Please pray.  The BLM is there now trying to help her.  I have been afraid of that every time we have adopted a horse and let it out of the trailer. 

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  It is just about the time we get the first snowfall.  Hope it is just for a few days and not the start of it staying until March.  That has happened.

I am glad to be home.  I have laid around all day not accomplishing much of anything.  I have to tomorrow though.  Laundry does accumulate when you travel and Bob didn't do any while I was gone.  So, I have a weeks worth to do tomorrow.