Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tinkerbelle is Visiting

Our Tinkerbell on her first horse back ride. I would not ordinarily let someone ride with what she was wearing but 5 minutes on Rosie with us hanging on was OK. She had never done that before and she was a little apprehensive but she did good.
That smiley face - just want to kiss her cheeks.

Into the pool off the fence. She is a fish.

My Sloggers that Chrissy got me just because. I love them. Won't I make a statement slogging around in the mud and water this fall. Love them.

Bob worked all day off and on today getting ready for our pack trip. Its a good think he knows what he is doing.

Thank you so much Lori from C ing Spots Appaloosas for purchasing the rug. You are a sweet friend even though I have never met you. She has a mustang named Eagle that she is about to get on for the first time. Wish I was there to take a picture. Thanks Lori.

So my day was mostly spent entertaining our great granddaughter. It is so fun to have her once in a while. Thank you Mama for sharing her with us.