Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J is for.................

J is for Jealous, I hate to admit that, makes me embarrassed. I am jealous of families who seem to have it all together, their kids all get along and everything is awesome, I am jealous of people who get to travel to wonderful places that I never will get to, I am jealous of things I have no reason to be jealous of but I am. Sorry.

Last of the Weekend in Pictures

Mary on Black, her mustang mare and her SO Pat. We had a good time on Sunday with them. We are at Wall Lake.

Me unfettered, on my own riding. I must have ridden 3/4 miles alone with her. She did really well. She only gave me one start and I think something was in the grass under her feet and she jumped way up over a little hill. Jolted me but we came down together where I belonged. That was her only problem. She did not like the gates. Bob had to pony me through most of them.

Mary and Black. I love that picture. She is a good friend.

We did have a great time and I really hope we get to do it again before too long.

Thanks for the comments, keep it up. I have the surprise ready to mail when I know who its going to.