Monday, September 10, 2012


No pictures today. I am lucky I can see to type this. There are terrible fires over near Coulee Dam and Wenatchee and we have a very strong wind blowing the smoke this way. I am having trouble with my eyes and my throat. Its miserable. Tried to work out in the yard and could not do it. I hope we don't have any, any closer. We have water running to keep things around the house and barn damp.

We went down to Davenport to the cattle auction but the smoke was so bad we didn't stay too long. Then on the way home we stopped at a grand yard sale. Everything was half off because it ran all weekend. I didn't know it. Got a couple of very nice things.

Tomorrow I am going to go visit Vicki and get going with my quilt. I need her to look at the blocks I have done. I am so excited about doing it. My blogger friend Marlene is a quilter. I think she does her by machine and all of mine will be by hand.

Sage is a different horse since we took her into the wilds of Montana. She loves on us and comes when we go out and is just a loving horse. She doesn't seem to spook at things. I may be slightly , just slightly prejudicial.

I think I will get into the shower and see if I can get some relief for my eyes.