Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After alot of discussion...............Lane and I are going down to Banks Lake this afternoon when Bob gets home. He will drive the trailer down and set it up and then come back to work tomorrow and will come Friday AM. Lane and I are getting the trailer loaded. I am sure he and I will have a good time down there.

One of the things I put in the frig is stuff for salad. All out of our garden except the tomatoes. . In 2 more weeks I will have bunches of tomatoes. And more lettuce. I need to plant more radishes and lettuce so by the time we use whats there now, we will have more.

I put the horses off pasture late this morning. They are getting funny. I start the four wheeler and they come in. All I have to do is close the gate. If I don't take the four wheeler though, we are in for a chase. Ditto and Liberty lately have been the last ones to come. They seem to think they need one more bites.

I will be gone until Sunday evening. Remember: True friendship foresees the needs of others rather than proclaims its own. Andre' Maurois

Have a good week.