Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Yesterday Bob and I went down to our friends Angelo and Joyce who live in the hills outside of Harrison, Idaho. They have a stunning home with a view that would keep me in their living room 24/7. Its stunning. They have a beautiful place. She beautiful flowers and a green house with lovely plants.

I took a bunch of pictures but for some reason this is all it let me upload tonight. I will probably have some more tomorrow.

Their horses are fat and slick and waiting to go on a trail ride in the mountains. Joyce had a hip replaced in January and can't ride just yet so they are all waiting.

And, can that lady cook. It was so good. We finished the evening with strawberry shortcake from strawberries from her garden.

We were out of cell phone and range and I got upset when we finally got to where we could. My brother in law that is ill had a real down turn. He has an infection somewhere and was running a 105 temp. Please keep him in your prayers. We are not ready to let him go yet. I want to be with my sister so bad. I know she has her kids around but I want to be. We just can't afford to go back to TN right now. God is in control, that is what I keep telling myself.

It spit rain all afternoon. Hope it does not rain hard with Hoopfest going on in Spokane. There are over a thousand 3 on 3 teams participating.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Good To Be Home

It is good to be home but it was awesome to spend Nikki's birthday with her. It was great fun for dinner Angel of the Wind casino.
From the left, Dustin, me Nikki, Carmen, Heather, Joel, Bryant, Tyler and Kevin. All of the boys except Kevin are Nikki's boys. You would never know that would you. Dustin is head of telecommunications at the casino and got Nikki a good sized meal for the group of us. Their food was very good.

Sunday morning after church Isaac having a hotdog. I had Pizza. Isaac hates pizza. He will be 8 in two weeks.

Two precious Great grandkids. Lilliana starts school this fall. Nathaniel is 2 1/2. Sweet kids.

Coming home. Skeeter and I needed a little break.

If I had only known what lay ahead!!!!!!!!!. Friday when I went over there were signs of road work but no one working. HOWEVER half way up the Waterville grade. We sat the better part of an hour. I am so glad it wasn't hot. Once we got going from there on the east of Douglas we got held up again. This time only about 20 minutes. I was aggrevated by the time we got through all that.

So I am home and trust I will get to work Sage this week. I took three video's with me to Nikki's that I knew she would enjoy, 3 Road to the Horse video's We watched 2 of the sets. Enjoyed them so much and have some ideas to put into my work with my black and white girl.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sage, She is still here

Here she is


No I didn't ride her today but I worked her an hour in the round pen, then saddled her up and put her bridle on and long lines and I ground drove her all over the place. She does perfect in the round pen but I wanted something a little more challenging for her. She did really good. I thing the lines were too heavy but she finally got the idea of what I wanted her to do from behind her. Had to use the driving whip to tap her a few times but she was OK. Then Bob trimmed her front feet. She tolerated that perfectly. She just stood there and let him do it. That is the first time. He does it but its a battle to keep her foot, not today. I still am a little discouraged but will just keep it up until I know she is respectful of me. AND, I caught her with out a run down and that is the first time since Andrea was here. Even in a smaller pen she has been naughty but not today. Progress.

It was quite a nice day. Other than Katie's horses breaking down a gate and coming to visit all was quiet on Calico Acres Farm.


Monday, June 18, 2012

I am Whining and I Admit It

I am fed up with this weather, can't get out and do anything without getting soaked. I have put my barn boots away for the summer twice and now they are out again. At least I did not have to water the garden today.

These picture are out of the archives. I don't even know what year they were taken.

The horses are at the corrals in Burns probably the first time we went down there. I know it was at least 15 years ago.

One of my favorite pictures of scenery in Yellowstone.

I wish I could remember where I took this picture or when. Not a clue but I liked it when I found it in my files.

So my day was quite boring actually - just laundry and usual stuff. Katie came over and we had a good time. She found me some ring tones for my phone that I will hear. And she fixed one for Bob and one for her. Doesn't take a lot to entertain me on a dark rainy day.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day Dads

The father of my children. He did just what he wanted today.
Bob's father when he was young.

My daddy

Both of our dads. They were pals through high school. I don't think too many couples have pictures of both fathers together.

The wind has blown something fierce all day. Dried out the garden until I had to start the sprinkler. I didn't do much outside but I did play with Raspberry for a while. We had some real laughs at her. I petted on Sage and took her a treat. She seems more loving and nice to me. It had been a while since she acted like she even liked me. Made me discouraged and sad. Today cheered me up some.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baby Goats

Bob milked for Shannon again this evening and I went along to see the baby girls.
They are growing and full of energy. Cute little girls.

This was a busy day. First thing this morning we had to take the camper trailer that was our friends to her place. It had a tarp over it and Bob left it on. I had to follow him because it didn't have a license. Then I spent some time yard saleing. My favorite Saturday thing to do.

We did some things around here. I am trying to ride a flower bed of ants and its not working so good. I bought some ant killer and its not working so good. I am getting disgusted. We will stop and get something different on our way home from church.

So not an interesting day to talk about.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I don't like thunder and lightening, never have. Last night and today we had way more than our share. It rained really hard too. Last night it raised me right up out of bed. Did not like it one little bit. Then this afternoon we had more and louder yet. One lightening bolt after another. Our electricity was out for a while. Then the house is so quiet with the thunder booming outside. After it left today the sun came out and it was nice. More is expected tonight. Oh h h h.

Bob and our neighbor are moving cattle today. Not the best choice of days but they are still working on it. This pasture will work until fall.

I am feeling OK today. That pill seems to be working. I know there is a lot of stress happening around us and that doesn't seem to help at all. At least I know its not my heart this time.

Raspberry is doing just fine. When I was out feeding this evening, I let her out and she followed me around right at my heels. If she stopped to eat and I got out of sight, she came running - maaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaa. She is pretty thin and we are giving her some grain to put some weight on her. The little girls are doing well too down at Shannon's. I meant to go down today and take some pictures of them but with the nasty storms, I didn't. Maybe tomorrow. Bob is milking for Shannon while she is working 12 hrs shifts so he will see them in the AM anyway.

I hope the rain stays gone tomorrow so I can work with Sage. Not a chance today. I am more than a little anxious to get back on her.



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Girls

Mama before she delivered, She was hanging low and wider than she looks there.
Her little girls. The one on the R is a little bigger and the one on the L was born first. Real cuties. I sat with RB all afternoon because she got upset when I left. And, towards the end, she wanted both Bob and I with her. A funny goat. The babies have already gone down to Shannon's. She had colostrum for them. They are her babies. I didn't want more goats too so other than I feel bad for her having her babies gone, its best.

So where have I been? Well, in the hospital. Sunday I did not feel good and had symptoms of a heart problem. They did some cardiac tests - A nuclear stress test which I HATE - takes 3 hrs. I was released in the evening yesterday. Just came home and went to bed. I was very tired.
I had nothing to do with my heart, my stomach or such was rebelling. The symptoms are similar I guess. Anyway, have meds to take in the mornings and will try that. I just want to feel wonderful, have my horse cooperate and go riding. I am whining, I know I am but I did not want to go there and I certainly did not want to stay.

Hope you had a better weekend,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Rainy Blustery Day

What does one do on a day that is rainy, windy and cold? I picked up the house, swept the floors and waited for my friend Andrea to come. She came and we had a nice visit. She brought me a halter she made for Sage with lots of knots to put pressure in the right places.

Then we went out in the drizzle to catch Sage and try the halter on her. She decided not to be caught. Really that was the first time that has happened. I got really upset with her. At one point she took a pop at me with both hind feet. I threw the halter and lead rope at her. Finally I caught her and the halter fit her fine. I took her over and put her in the round pen. Tonight I put her in a stall. I need to figure out what I will do with her because I do not want a repeat of catching her. She has regressed and I don't understand it. She would not lead by the back of the barn until Andrea walked behind her. I had a little trouble getting her into the barn because there are things parked there. Like she had never seen the tractor before. Very frustrating let me say.

Bob worked today doing a drain field for a guy and he will be milking for Shannon for a few days. Some extra money will be nice.

Stella is lonely all by herself in her pen but is getting to like us better. That is a good thing. She is finally getting all her winter hair gone and she is a pretty seal brown. Bob has been working with her a little.


Friday, June 8, 2012


Nothing about horses again but with the weather we have had its no wonder. Even if it was good weather, tonight would still be all about our granddaughter's graduation.
Nicolette Elizabeth Draine. The white cord, they all wore because this entire group had trouble of one kind or the other to get through school and they did it. The school is called On Track Academy. The turquoise cord was the honor cord. She graduated with honors.

Nikki and her mama. Chrissy cried all the way through.

The Draine kids.

The class of 2012.

Proud Grandma and Grandpa

That was the highlight of the week. Congratulations to all of them and especially to our little Pocahontas.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away (snow too)

It has been raining and cold and windy for 5 days now. I am plumb tired of it. It did hold off this morning for a few hours this morning and I did get a fairly good workout with Sage. The round pen was a little squishy in spots but she just avoided them and we got her going pretty good. The one thing I really am having a problem with is her leading. The new halter with the knots works OK but she really does not want to come with me. I turn her around and back her where we are going but I want her to walk with me. I don't know why she has changed her mind about walking with me. Just have to keep at it I guess.

We are not only having rain, Sherman Pass has about been snowed closed and there is snow on Mt. Spokane again. It is fresh on all the peaks around here. Mica Peak looks like winter. It is miserable. This is June for goodness sake.

Last night we went to a benefit dinner for a fellow in Bob's Mounted Search and Rescue. I can't say the meal was too good but it was for a good cause. I put a couple of bids in the silent auction but haven't heard anything so am assuming I didn't get either. That's OK. He has terminal cancer. It was a nice thing to do for the fellow.


Monday, June 4, 2012

It Really Was A Moose

Katie and I were on our way home from town after a fun day and these day were along side the road just outside a lot of houses but still inside the city limits. I have never seen one since we have lived out here. Only in Glacier Park. I was excited. I was glad Katie was driving.
Katie took me to lunch at the Davenport Hotel for my birthday. It is so beautiful. Loved it. We walked around and looked at things. Such a lovely place. Other than the ornery kids and griper mom who complained about ever thing at the next table it was grand.

This morning my friend Tracey from Bellingham came by on her way home from delivering a horse over here. She ended up buying Rocky from me (cute little pinto gelding). I was thrilled and hope she is too. He really has a lot of potential.

So that was the gist of our day. Good time spent with a sweet girl. We ended the afternoon with a big ice cream cone. A perfect end.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reardan Mule Days Parade

All the pictures are of before the parade. When you are carrying the banner in the midst of the parade, not able to take pictures of actually going down the street.

This is Mary and her yearling Sally. The horse she is riding is Black. She is a very pretty horse and does very well for Mary. She adopted Sally last fall from the corrals in Burns, Oregon. Black is from the Coyote Lakes Herd Management Area and Sally is from the Sand Springs HMA.

Katie is riding Pepper and I have posted a lot about him. He will do anything we want him to do. He is a Kiger.

A pregnant Katie on the good ol' boy.

Mary, Black and Sally

Katie, Cameron and Bob with the Mustang Club's new banner.

The Springdale Rodeo queen. I don't know her name. I should but don't.

Conley Grey, Cheney Rodeo queen and Molly Grey the Jr. Rodeo queen.

The donkeys all decked out in pack saddles. They thought we walked too slow and Bob was pretty tired when we finished. They are pretty strong little critters.

We had a good time and wished we had more of our group but we did great and it was great fun. Our horses behaved and basically so did the burros. None of them except Pepper had ever done it before. I was very proud of our group and we represented mustangs and burros well.

I planted some of my garden today. I will get the rest of it later in the week.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last of the Trip Pictures

Sunsetting from the plane on the way home. I supposed I should have loaded it last but didn't think. We were some place over Oklahoma I think.

Our dear brother in law and us. He makes us look really little doesn't he.

My precious sister and her saint.

I loved this house. It is in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Nikki calls this "her house".

Niece Katherine with the rug I made her. Did not get pictures of Suzy or Tina with theirs. Kat is such a help to Sharon.

"My" squirrels. The red squirrel and his cousin the grey squirrel.

"What cha' doing in there?"

Some kind of Lily. I thought it was unique.

Some place between Denver and Kansas City. I love the patchwork this country is made of.

Today out Mustang Club rode, walked in the Reardan Mule Days Parade. I will have pictures tomorrow. It was fun and the sun came out and there was blue sky for the parade. It had been pouring on our way to Reardan.

Katie brought me a bouquet of lilacs this afternoon. She is such a sweet girl and we are so blessed to have her next door.


Friday, June 1, 2012

A Nice Day

I had one more picture to load but Blogger won't let me. Guess its not too big a deal. However it makes me mad to decided for me.

This is my sister Sharon and her youngest grandson Liam. He just cracks me up.

Liam too this picture of Sharon and I just before we took Liam home and the four of us went to dinner.

Penny, their beloved old Lab. She is the sweetest old dog.

My squirrel. Loved them.

Isn't he funny.

Sharon, Brownie and their oldest daughter Suzanne. Suzy was our taxi to and from the airport.

I did work Sage today and she was really quite good. Remembered most things we had worked on. Her new halter makes her take notice though when I am leading her. She has become quite headstrong. She knew I could not stop her, now I can.

Bob got the donkeys fit with pack saddles to lead them in the Reardan Mule Days parade tomorrow. The mustang club is participating.