Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen

The only time I thought to grab my camera was when I remembered I had bubbles and brought them out and they all said yes when I asked them if they wanted them. Nothing like a yardful of teens playing with bubbles in the wind.
Daughter Chrissy had as much fun as the kids. The wind got a little brisk but they all had fun anyway.

Skyelor is 15. When he bent over to hug me good by, I realized the top of my head came to his shoulder. I about had another hissy. My little grinny boy is huge.

The only non teenager - Sheya. Of course she wanted to ride but it wasn't a day for that.

It was a beautiful day until about 3 when the wind came up and by 5 it was grey, really really blowing and cold. It was a nice 3 days anyway. I suppose it will snow again or something like that.

The only thing growing well right now is the chives. Does anyone know if I cut them back and dehydrate them, will they grow back. I don't know.

I have one daffodil about to bloom. One, I said, just one. I forgot there was a little group at the base of a tree in the yard and it has one bloom just about to open. The lilacs should be blooming in a couple of weeks and the leaves aren't even out yet.

Hope your Easter Sunday was as good as ours. Blessings to you all especially on this special day.