Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reardan Mule Days Parade

All the pictures are of before the parade. When you are carrying the banner in the midst of the parade, not able to take pictures of actually going down the street.

This is Mary and her yearling Sally. The horse she is riding is Black. She is a very pretty horse and does very well for Mary. She adopted Sally last fall from the corrals in Burns, Oregon. Black is from the Coyote Lakes Herd Management Area and Sally is from the Sand Springs HMA.

Katie is riding Pepper and I have posted a lot about him. He will do anything we want him to do. He is a Kiger.

A pregnant Katie on the good ol' boy.

Mary, Black and Sally

Katie, Cameron and Bob with the Mustang Club's new banner.

The Springdale Rodeo queen. I don't know her name. I should but don't.

Conley Grey, Cheney Rodeo queen and Molly Grey the Jr. Rodeo queen.

The donkeys all decked out in pack saddles. They thought we walked too slow and Bob was pretty tired when we finished. They are pretty strong little critters.

We had a good time and wished we had more of our group but we did great and it was great fun. Our horses behaved and basically so did the burros. None of them except Pepper had ever done it before. I was very proud of our group and we represented mustangs and burros well.

I planted some of my garden today. I will get the rest of it later in the week.