Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the way again to 1000 blessings

629 - Shopping at Ross
630 - Walking in the crunchy snow
631 - First birthdays
632 - Warm snow boots
633 - The crockery bowl that was Bob's mom's
634 - A donkey that loves to hug
635 - My recliner
636 - A grandchild turning 20 overnight
637 - A great granddaughters hugs and kisses just because we came
638 - Buttons that were my mothers
639 - "Pumpkin" bread made with squash that I grew
640 - Beautiful scarves
641 - A box of lace that was my mothers
642 - A cookbook made by Bob's foster sister that was raised with him.
643 - Pork Roast
644 - Wolf Lodge Restaurant
645 - Lion King
646 - Wizard of Oz
647 - Words that build us up
648 - New beginnings
649 - Flying along in the sleigh behind my pony
650 - Do not call registry
651 - Renewing memberships on line
652 - Eagles on Lake Couer d'Alene

More Snow but fun

The hugging donkey. Chemmy loves to be cuddled.

Bob and I coming around the barn. It was so fun.

The two "old folks" having fun.

Out on our "road" through the snow. I will have to make some changes to the harness. The tugs (the straps that connect Rosie with the sleigh) are too long and the shaves (the long wooden pole like things that she is in between) are not up where they belong. It has worked yesterday and today but is not as comfortable I know. And the over check broke. The over check, actually she has a side check bridle is the part of the bridle that hooks on the the saddle(the part that goes around her body) to keep her from being able to put her head down. Not a necessity but it makes her hold her head better. It was snowing today so the sleigh did not slide as easily as it did yesterday.

Chemmy and Yuma. If I had appropriate harnesses, I would teach them to drive.

Rusty. Have not posted a picture of her for a while.

My flying dog. He bounces along so funny. Missed his ears flying this time.
One of the reasons I had to sled out today, other than its fun, is a friend of Katie's is fighting breast cancer. She lives in the area and wanted to ride in the sleigh really bad. So she got her ride. She had chemo yesterday and had a hard time getting in and out but I was so happy to make her day brighter.
Other than that, we had fun with Cameron and Katie and our neighbor Theresa. Love it when people come by.
Not a whole lot going on. It is supposed to rain tonight and I hate that. It makes things so sloggy and messy. Then one digit cold again and more snow.