Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for running water in the house. When we got home from Nikki's on Sunday evening, there was a major leak in the well house. Water was running all over. Bob turned the water off immediately before I even had a chance to get water in a couple of big kettles or anywhere. So, we had to depend on a gallon of water I had in the pantry and 2 smaller bottles of water in the fridge. Then I did find two parts of bottles in the car. So that is what I had to wash my face, brush my teeth and so on. When he got home Monday evening he got it fixed so Wahoo we had water in the house. I do not feel like being a pioneer at this point in my life. So I am very thankful for water coming out of the faucets in the house.

Did nothing outside today. I got some kind of a bug over the weekend that has settled in my sinuses and it makes me cough alot. So I lazed around today and just did laundry and that kind of stuff.

Have a good Wednesday.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The end of a weekend

We drove home today and handed Arawyn off to her mother. Bob went out to check things over and we have a massive leave in our well house. He has water turned off and told me it might be 2 days until its fixed. I was going to take a long soaky bath - wrong. I didn't even get a pot of water so I can brush my teeth and wash my face. Oh neighbor where are thou. He is out there doing something with the tractor.

I am sleepy and ready to crawl into my own comfy bed. It was so great to see Nikki and her family. They are going thru a real crisis and there is nothing we can really do about it. Was good to just see her and hug her.

Have a Monday that is full of joy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soggy Saturday

A beautiful Claybank gelding. He is built like a tank Tracey thinks he is Perlino, I don't know but I liked him alot

A nice mare that got every ones attention. Her mane on the other side had serious dreds but it is lower than her neck.

I think this is the horse that Jamie worked with during the demo. He was so nice and gentle. He was adopted first off.

We had a wet and soggy day at the adoption until the middle of the afternoon when it cleared up. This was a pen of the 4H geldings. They drew for the horses and in 3 months will bring them back for a little horse show and will have the option of keeping or not. They will have fun.
We stayed ALL day. The most exciting part was Greg told us we could come to Burns this fall and accompany them on a gather. That will be a dream come true. And we will get to see our friends in Burns. And have fun. One of the perks of showing up at all the adoptions possible and helping. Besides it is what we love.
It has been wonderful to see our daughter, husband and family. Arawyn has loved being the center of her Nana and Papa's attention. We have a 6 hrs. drive ahead of us tomorrow.
Have a Sunday filled with blessings.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Not much of a post. We are in Marysville at our daughters. We grought our great grandaughter with us to see her Nana. She slept most of the way. A great way to travel with a 3 year old.

We will go to the Mustang Adoption in the morning to talk to people and to assist the BLM. Hopefully will have some pictures.

Have a sunshiney Saturday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I could not believe it when I looked out and it was snowing this afternoon. Not one flake stayed even a second but it was falling out of the sky. Needless to say, I did not do much outside today.

I packed our bags to leave tomorrow for Nikki's. Got some Mustang Horse Club stuff together to take to the adoption too. Hope I remember it this time. I forgot it when I went to Albany. I was so mad at myself.

Fed and did the normal stuff with the horses so nothing too exciting to write about. In fact nothing too exciting. Just anxious to see our daughter. Her health is not the best and I worry alot about her.

Have a peaceful Friday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is what happens after a few really nice days in April. It seemed appropriate to post this today on Earth Day. My earth is springing forth new life.

It was not so nice today and should have been a good day to work inside but I didn't do much. I did take the tractor out in the arena and pick up stuff but I did a bad thing. I was using the sticker fork thing a ma jigs on the front of the tractor that Bob uses to pick up large round bales of hay. I was patting myself on the back for picking up the post and carrying it to the edge of the arena, well I put it down OK but went to pick the front end up so I could see where I was going to be going when I turned around and got hooked up in the arena fence and lifted it right off the ground. It broke a post off. Oh me oh my. When Bob got home and I took him out to show him he had the audacity to laugh at me. But anyway, its ready to disc and drag. But, a part of the fence will need replaced. So much for my help.

The horses are so funny. They are not wanting to go into their stalls with them bedded in white. I had to lead Dixie in this evening. Pepper did not want to go in either and both of them were the same last night. Silly kids.

My mother died 16 years ago today. It also is grandaughter Deanna and great grandaughter Arawyns birthdays. Like I said yesterday - memories.

Thursday - have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I have thought long about what I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for memories. Good ones and bad ones too. I have memories of both my grandmothers. Grandma Foreman lived with us but Grandma Kephart lived in Puyallup. I have memories of making a raft to float on our little lake and having my horse Blaze come out in the water and try to get on with me. You can guess what happened. I remember swinging on a rope in out barn onto the hay (no bales then), lots of memories of my mother. I remember driving cross country with her to my niece Suzannes wedding in a VW and it was HOT. I remember my wedding day, I remember when our children was born, I remember when our little girl died and my broken heart, I remember vividly when our son Scott died 6 years ago and thinking I would not recover, I remember when Bob got hurt just before Christmas a few years ago and I thought he might die, I remember arguing with the doctor about going camping and he said I was having heart surgery instead. I had the surgery, I remember Bob telling me I was having a stroke and taking me to the hospital, I was. I remember my white horse, I remember our cow named Daisy. I remember our 50th anniversary party. I am just thankful for each and every memory.

The stalls are all clean and bedded with clean white pelleted paper. Pepper thought it was going to eat him and didn't want to go in on it but then rolled. Am quite happy with myself. A hard few days work because I took them down to bare bottom, not a straw left. I am very greatful for the nice weather. I think tomorrow I am going to drag the arena which means I will have to empty it first of plastic barrels, poles and such. We will see.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Marvelous Monday

I thought I had a picture but it seems to be gone and I don't want to take the time to look for it this evening. It is of a white petunia. I bought some pink and some white petunias and planted them in some little boxes I have and set them on the side of the ugly porch until we side the house and I get my real window boxes. I know its a little early but I just had to have some color out there. I love pentunias. They are so bright and cheerful and bloom forever it seems.

I worked with Liberty today. She was glad to be caught and lead out of the pasture but she did not know if she wanted me brushing her or not. We got a pretty good brushing in even though she did not think too much of it and I got one front foot. She was so bonded to Tyler its going to be hard to get her to the point where someone else can work with her and she is relaxed. I did not force too much from her today. Tomorrow is another day. Had considered trying to catch Rusty but she is bound and determined that I will not touch her. She lets Bob walk up to her so we will let him do that.

I worked on stalls again today. By tomorrow I will have them all cleaned and them bedded. If I could manage to do all of one at a time I would be all done but my legs and back rebel and remind they are almost 71 and would appreciate it if I would not push too hard. I don't guess anyone but me and the horses care if their stalls are spotless.

The furnace man came back to work on our furnace today. I told them 3 weeks ago that it still did not work. So today when it is 75 out he comes and turns my furnace on full blast. We don't have the cooler in yet so it got suffocating in the house. It better work now, it was 257.00 more than the 168.00 I already paid. He said that was just the part but my inquiring mind isn't so sure.

Bob loves casseroles and I put one together for dinner tonight. I thought it was rather bland and not so good. I picked the chicken out of it mostly but my Knight in Shining Armor loved it. Oh well, our taste in food is much different. Some of the time anyway.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This will brief and to the point this evening. I am bushed as in tuckered out. But at the same time quite pleased with what I accomplished outside today. I fixed the fence - by myself - all by myself. Well almost anyway. Bob had to do a couple of things when he got home but I set three new posts, all by myself - learned how to drive them in the ground with the tractor. That is after I had to call Tom how to start it. When I was done I had to call him back and ask how to shut it off. I had not driven it in a while and had left out a step - like having it all in neutral to make it start. I had a big fire today and got alot of stuff burned that I have been gathering up around here, cleaned Dittos stall - again all by myself. Now I really am tired just thinking about that.

The horses were very upset with me for fixing the fence and getting them off that green grass that is not enough to feed them yet. Now they have set it back a while. We are now back on our routing of the 3 going into the barn at night. When they were naughty and out on the grass, only Ditto got to come in.

Bed is calling. Have a Marvelous Monday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday

I drove to Ellensburg and back today to a Washington State Horsemen board meeting. On the way home I stopped at the Mustang Memorial and took this picture. I did not have my long lense with me. Nor did I have appropriate shoes on to hike up there but always love to see it.

The meeting was very good today. It gave me an opportunity to talk about the mustangs and our Mustang Days in June. It was a beautiful day and other than several dead deer along the hiway it was beautiful. There are new baby calves all over the place. They look so cute frolicing in the fields.

Had some sad news while I was talking to folks. Two of my friends lost their horses in the last few days. One to colic and the other to a host of things. He was 32 but the other was only 18. I could sympathize with them and cry with them. So Sherrie and Kathy, out prayers go with you.

No big news today, Katie stayed the night and when I left she was mucking out stalls. Thank you for that Katie.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Disappointing Friday

ThiThis picture was taken a year or so ago. It is me riding Ditto. She is so smooth I just have to every once in a while.

I had so much planned to do today outside and guess what it is doing. It is raining. And raining. I know it will be good for the fields but its not in my plan. So I was reading and relaxing and then I looked out at the pasture. The horses had broken down the fence and they were all out eating grass. It was not quite where we wanted it to be when we turned them out. I need to go out and see what I can do with it. They won't get hay tonight though.

So, not wanting to whine about things anymore. I will say have a fantabulous Saturday. I have to go to Ellensburg to a meeting. I will be home in the evening though. Bob is tooling along I-90 on his way to Helena, Montana.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


No pictures today. I worked outside for most of the day. Went and had a massage this afternoon and wanted to come home and go to bed but didn't. She found some sore spots in my shoulders and low back but worked them off. The worst was in my neck and I was shocked that she got that to let up by stretching my arms different ways. My neck is freer than its been for a long time. I just thought it was because I was old.

I don't know how so much junk accumulated over the winter. Snow did cover a multitude of sins. And, I have a husband who just drops things - all kinds of things. I have picked up enough hay string to burn the place down. When I was working out by the barn, the horses stand at the fence talking to me. They are asking for treats - hey mom were right here. So I would clean a while and then go pet noses. Are they spoiled - of course not. And am I sucker, of course not.

Bob is leaving for Montana about noon tomorrow and the house is going to get ignored. There is much I want to do which includes working some more on Ditto's grooming and perhaps I will give in and work with Rusty. The last time she made me so mad I said she was Bob's to do but that might never happen the way his schedule is.

Katie is going to come and stay with me tomorrow night and we are going to have a girls night out and go to dinner somewhere. Her idea of going somewhere nice is Subway - I like Subway but I want someplace a notch above. We will have fun.

I do hope your Friday is great.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday in the sunshine

This picture is about 9 years old. Michaela was 6 and she is either 15 or 16 now. She was my favorite student that I have ever had. She did so well at leadline on Rosie. I was proud of her. She was so scared at first and then just blossomed. Then adults messed things up and she got caught in a three way custody fight and her father wouldn't let her ride anymore. Said it was too dangerous but he just was getting revenge on her mother and grandmother. It made me so sad.

I spent alot of time grooming Ditto this afternoon. She was a mess. I took tons of hair off of her and pounds of mud balls. She gets tired of me pulling on them though. She really is appearing old. AND she is more opinionated than she was. She forgets sometimes she has any manners at all. I just dropped her lead rope and let her eat grass on the back lawn.

Pepper fought me over the fly mask again., He just does not like it but it does protect his eye site whether he likes it on or not. I take it off at night though.

Katie came and rode Abby. She just does better every time. It is amazing what a little confidence will do. She is dreading the next month and her finals and graduation. School is hard for her and she studies alot. She wants to ride every night too. She had her Senior presentation on Monday. She was very nervous but got thru it OK even if the computer messed up so she did not have her Power Point to go with it.

The grass is sprouting up, and in the next few days the trees will all be leafed out. A new beginning, spring. Have a marvelous Thursday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A thankful Tuesday.

This is not what I am thankful for today. I had a hissy fit when I looked out this morning. Good grief, its the middle of April. It only lasted until about 11 here but I talked to Katie and at noon they still had 5" in the Five Mile area of Spokane. Good weather is coming though.

The horses looked disgusted too. They are all shedding and look awful. Even the ones who have been groomed regularly. You could stuff a mattress with what comes off of them. I want to give Ditto a good grooming tomorrow. She looks pathetic. They are anxious to get out and eat grass. It isn't quite long enough to turn them out yet. The grass. In another week it will be.

My thankful Tuesday is centered on our youngest daughter Christyn. She, as well as Tom are our adopted children but I have to remind myself of that. Christyn is the one who has given me the worst grey hair. LOL but I still love her with all my heart. She has three precious children. Nikki is 15, Skyelor is 13 and Jadeyn is ll. She is divorced from their father. Can't say we were sorry about that but he still is their dad. Christyn (she has always been Chrissy but has decided she is Christyn) is extremely talented. She sings very well, love to hear her, she is artistic, and loving. She is American Indian = Colville Tribe. She knows her biological family but tells everyone she is glad to be adopted and not having to grow up like her "other" family. In fact she told everyone that Sunday while we were eating dinner. She has a Signifigant Other - Wendy which makes us hurt but we love Wendy too and she is very good to us. No matter what, she is our daughter and we love her alot. I am thankful she came into our lives when she was 7 months old and we are thankful to have her for a daughter.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Last fall while in Yokes grocery store, they had these pathetic little minerature rose plants for 45 cents. They were really sad little limp plants. I got one and Bob laughed at me and told me it was going to die and then I would just be throwing it out. Well, this lovely little white rose is now blooming on my kichen window sill. It has other buds on it too. It is a pretty bright spot in my kitchen.

Today was nasty and cold. Remembered I was out of laundry soap so had to go to the store. I also today made my massage appointment for Thursday afternoon. I can't wait.

The sun was shining when I put the horses out this morning so I put the fly mask on Pepper that act as sunglasses for him. He was really irritated with it though. He tried to get it off but he didn't and when I put them in this evening he still had it on. I took it off for the night. He will be upset when I put it back on in the morning. He'll get used to it though. He has for the past three years anyway.

Have a nice Tuesday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HE IS RISEN - Easter

Me, this special day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. Bob would not let take a picture with me. Oh well, this is me
Our great grandaughter Arawyn. She will be 3 next week. She had little short pig tails and a pretty Easter dress.

Lilliana who is another great grandaughter. She was sucking on some purple and green candy. Her little pony tails don't show. She will be 2 on May 2nd. Both little girls are our oldest daughter Nikki and her husband Carmen's grand daughters. After having 6 boys and a step son, Nikki is reveling in have grand daughters.
Bob bless his heart, along with our daughter in law Debbie did the dinner dishes. I appreciated it so very much. Maybe because he was cranky with me earlier. Whatever reason, he scored big with me today. Debbie always pitches in and does more than her share. Christy usually helps too but she is on overload with some things right now and I excused her. Christyn and her gang cleaned up dessert.

Our granson Skyelor turned 13 yesterday. We had his birthday cake today. He is such a big boy. Almost an entire head taller than me. He is so talented and I wish he had the self esteem to go with it. The bigger girl in the picture is his sister Nikki who is 15 and his cousin Sheya who is 7. She is Tom's princess.
I think with everyone who was here today, we had 22 for dinner. That is counting the 2 little girls and a baby who was present with his mother also. All family, or extended family and we had a blast. We had a rainy day and the kids played in the barn. Cops and Robbers as I recall. I think we played that when we were kids. The only restictions we place on them is leave the tools alone.
That is what I did all day. The kids were disappointed they did not get to ride. Sheya especially. She is our cowgirl. Ryan will ride and Seth sometimes and Arawyns sister wanted to ride too. Maybe tomorrow I will get to have more to do with them.
We do have a different type of bedding that we are using. Bob's job shreds, I mean pellatizes paper - a couple of garbage sacks stuffed a day. Bob brings home about 2 a day. It seems to work well so far. And it is free. That is a good thing.
Have an absolutely great Monday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today was the clinic where our horses got their coggins and health certificates. This is Dr. Krista Porter and a vet tech. drawing blood from Pepper. Bob is standing there observing. Pepper is an old hat at this and he just stood there.
This is Otis. Our friends the Bruces who live in Rathdrum, Idaho ride mules. Sharon rides Otis. He is a big mule. He had been tied outside in the round pen and it rained. When she went and got him, he got into the nice arena with a sandy footing and he dropped and rolled. It was funny. So did Gene's mule Milo. They make quite a pair.

This is Wrangler. He was born on our place. He was born about 3 weeks after we adopted his mother who was from the Paisley Desert area in Oregon. She was the same color as Wrangler. He is 16 hands and weighs about 1400 pounds. A really big boy. He can go all day and not be tired at all. We sold his mother. We sold Wrangler at about 5 months old to a friend and that did not work out and bought him back when he was 3. Bob broke him out and we sold him to our good friend Perry who lives in Post Falls. He loves him. It was good to see Wrangler today.
Besides doing those things I have the potatoe salad put together, Just the salad dressing when we get home from church. The strawberries are ready for shortcake, had to start over on the jello fruit salad. I put it in a colonder and drained it and started all over. Its jelloing now. I checked it a while ago. Just have the deviled egges to make tomorrow. The ham will go in just before we leave for church and the kids are bringing the rest of it. Everything is cleaned up waiting for tomorrow now.
So that was my day before Easter. Have a very blessed Easter Sunday.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Whew - I cleaned house today, made the jello salad but I think I got too much liquid, it is not jelloing. The most energy I have been able to pack into a day for a while. The sternum is still a little sore but I can function.

Tomorrow we are taking four horses to a clinic to get their coggins test done and a 6 month health certificate so we can travel across state lines with them. We will take Katies horse Abby, Pepper, Raven and Dixie. We cleaned out the horse trailer good tonight. Now it will need it again tomorrow. Bob is such a precrastinator.

They predicted rain for today BUT the sun shone and it was warm. I went to the store and did not even wear a sweater. That was so nice. I did a little in the yard today but not much. It is sooooooooooo good to be outside and to be warm.

Not much to write about - Have a great Saturday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


These little guys were along side the road when I went into town today. It reminded me so much of Sharon and my trip to Key West, Florida a year ago last March. There are little roosters all over the place there. Roosters and cats. You can hear them cock a doodle dooing almost anytime of the day. We had the best vacation of my life there.

I am feeling better but my sternum is still sore. I told Bob if I choke again please whack me on the back, don't try to break me in half. We were both terrified but I am reminded of it every time I move. Oh well, I am alive.

Not much with the horses. Katie came and rode today with her dad. He is so pessimistic about her it makes me mad. Or maybe irritated would be better. She is doing so much better and gains more confidence every time she rides this spring. She did the chores for me again this evening.

Tomorrow I need to get the house ready for the onslot of kids, grandkids and great grandkids that will be here on Sunday. If everyone comes there will be - besides Bob and I - 8 adults and 16 children. lt will be fun. Wish Nikki and her family could be here too but her son Joel and his wife Heather and their Princess will be among our group. Hope I remember to take pictures.

I went to our Northeast Zone meeting this evening. The Medical Lake FFA Debate team came and did a presentation on the issue of Horse Slaughter. It was informative and interesting. We all have our personel opinions on that issue - at least those of us with horses - and it was fun to listen to the group of young people. They are our future.

Have a Fun Friday................

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wimpy Wednesday

This hangs inside my front door when anyone comes in. Memories are such good things.

I have not done much of anything today but lay around, rest and do little stuff. My ribs still hurt but not so bad. Tomorrow I will attack the day like nothing happened so they had better be well by then.

I put the barn horses out this morning, told the others good morning and came back to the house. Katie came and did ground work with Abby today and she did the evening chores for me. Bob was late getting home. He had to go to Grand Coulee today. I was greatful for Katies sweet spirit and offering to do the chores for me. She agrevates me sometimes but she is a very sweet girl.

Nothing much else. Just whining and I am determined no to do that. Have a good Thursday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

The ugly porch as it sits today. I hope we can go pick out the windows on Saturday. That should help some don't you think. That and the siding.

Well today is Thankful Tuesday. I intended to write about Christyn but I will do that next week. Today I am thankful for being alive. Tonight I was eating dinner and a piece of baked potatoe went into my windpipe like a plug. I felt it settle in and I started gasping. I could get no air. Bob said my lips were blue and my hands were turning blue when it was over and I was still gasping but getting a little air. Bob did the hymlick (however you spell it) thing. It did not pop out like I thought it was supposed to but dislodged it enough to get a little air. I was losing consiousness, I knew. I really thought I was going to die. Bob was frantic and I was fighting him, just trying to live I guess. It was awful. When I finally got a little air, he had me sit in a chair and lean foreward. I am still coughing and my ribs hurt like heck. I know now why you don't practice on a person.. Bob is so sorry for hurting me but he probably saved my life. So on this Tuesday evening I am thankful to be living.

Until I got dinner, I spent most of the day outside. Lots of stuff for the garbage and lots of stull in the burn pile. AND, Katie and I went for a little ride this afternoon. I rode Pepper because it was Abby's first trail ride with Katie riding and she is a timid rider. I wanted to be on a horse I could pony off of if I needed too. I never have ponied off Dixie. No need anyway, Katie and Abby did great and Pepper and I ambled along enjoying the warm day. We came back and worked a little in the arena. I wanted to get used to sitting a trot decently and to work over some of the poles. Katie followed me on Abby. She went over the logs and bridge and everything I knew that she would. Its Katie, not Abby but she is getting more relaxed.

I am going to try to get into bed and relax. Not a good evening. Bob went to Walla Walla today and he does not have to travel tomorrow. I am glad. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Don't choke on any potatoes.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Marvelous Monday

My beautiful new bridle that Bob bought me yesterday. I ride Dixie in a mechanical hackamore. She will take a bit but her teeth were so bad so long that she just does not like it and for trail riding who cares. I just love this headstall. I will be the envy of all I ride with. (Well mayby not) but I love it.

I am so stiff and sore tonight. Oh my back is killing me and my knees and legs hurt. It feels so good . I worked out in the yard most of the day. Raked, picked up junk, ect. ect ect. It felt so good to be able to be out. I should have ridden but worked in the yard instead. I told Katie I would ride with her tomorrow.

Katie came and rode Abby today. She wants a free horse someone up in Colville wanted to give her. I told her she didn't ride the one she had often enough. It made her mad at first but then she told me I was correct. We worked and worked with Abby in the round pen. Pretty much at least an hour. That is the best Katie has done in a long time.

I will post a picture of the ugly porch tomorrow. It is sided and roofed. It is still very ugly. I hope we get to get the windows this week so Steve can get them in. Maybe then it won't feel like a big box with a door in it Steve is proud of his work and Bob likes it but I still think it is ugly. Sharon and Nikki agree with me. I hope it looks better when we side the house and it looks like it belongs. I am looking at colors for the house and I am thinking of yellow and white but I don't know for sure yet.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday

And what a beautiful sunny day it was. I saw a thermometer that said 65. WAAAAAAAHOOO.
I am so ready for nice weather.

We went to church this morning and it was a beautiful service. BUT, the church was filled with Easter Lilies and I though I would croak. They really send me off in an allergy attack. My eyes watered, my nose ran and by the time we got out of there my head was pounding.

After church we had a quick lunch and went to a tack liquidation sale from a Tack Store in Sandpoint. Got a new saddle pad to try to make my saddle better for Dixie and they gave me another one. I am going to donate the extra one to Mustang Days raffle. We have alot of saddle pads but I wanted one really built up in the front and yet cut back. Bob bought a saddle too. I don't have the foggiest reason why, its too small for me. Anyone want a really pretty well made youth saddle - or someone with a smaller rear than mine. Its a 14". He will want $400.00 for it. It was a good buy but???????????????

Came home and did chores. And now I am here. Bob and I had a good time at the auction and just being together. Now the week starts all over again. He will have to drive to Chelan again tomorrow. I hope Steve comes to work on the porch some more. Bob talked to him this evening and I think he is.

Have a marvelous Monday.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A great ride

We had a marvelous ride. We went out to Fishtrap Lake. It was so pretty and peaceful there. We had lunch on the shore. Down the lake there were either swans or snow geese. I could not tell and we did not go down that way.
These folks were not as far ahead as it looks. Different horses walk out at different speeds and Bob and I were kind of in the middle. Grass is beginning to turn green. It was pretty muddy in spots but none of the horses seems to have trouble with it.
The picture below is a windmill in front of the rangers house. I liked how it turned out agains the sky.
I don't know why Bob did not take his helmet off while we were eating. He just didn't I guess. Not everyone rides with a hard hat but we do. I won't give a lesson to a kid without them wearing a riding helmet nor will I allow our grandkids to ride without one. We believe we should practice what we preach.

Part of the group eating lunch or just fooling around. Bernie is the man with the red bandanna and he is a wonderful photographer as well as a funny guy. Bob was leading for a while and got off on the wrong trail. You can bet that the article in the next newsletter will be in great detail about Bob getting lost and us wandering around. He did take the wrong trail but we got it sorted out and were never lost but it will be funny for sure. His wife Sherrie got bucked off her mule too and it will be funny. Not when it happened though. Tinker just got all excited and bucked. She was embarrased but not hurt. All the mules bucked at some time or the other during the ride
Dixie and Pepper tied to a tree while we were eating. Pepper just stood there and took a nap. He is such a good boy mostly. He pulled a couple of things today that he has never done before. I wore my spurs - bumper spurs- because he lags along alot of the time and it gets tiresome. He was doing that and I just touched him with the spurs and he took off like a shot at a hard gallop right toward the horses in front of us. I got his head pulled around in a one reign stop and he ran into the back of Alan's mule. He stopped but the mule took off bucking. Lordy, lordy. I wanted to throttle Pepper. The other thing he did was when we went thru a gate he decided to tuck his rear and just scoot through. He almost went out from under me. Never before has he done things like that. And Dixie did fine too. Bob said she settle down about half way through the ride instead of feeling like you were riding a rocket.

So that was our adventure today. When we got home we went into town and got a new TV. Our living room TV went woosh and quit last night. So Bob can watch his hunting shows. Also CSI, Law and Order - all those gory shows that I don't watch.
We went to Big R and got some things that we need. And we got some things we didn't need but wanted. It was a good afternoon too.
Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

Friday, April 3, 2009


This is the framework of my ugly porch. I thought Steven would be here today to put the siding on but he didn't come so it still sits there looking just like that. The sides towards the bathroom window and the side toward the living room window will have big windows. I still think its ugly but windows and flower boxes will make it a little more appealing. We will be siding the house this spring and it will match. Maybe anyway. I am trying not to be negative.

Bob should be home soon from his 5th. out of town trip this week. Three to Yakima, Moses Lake and Chelan. He said he would be traveling all next week too. I hope the weather is as good as it is predicted so I can get outside and do somethings. Need to really clean up the yard both front and back.

When I put the horses in I looked at Pepper and Dixie. They are going to take some vigerous grooming before we ride tomorrow. They are really big mud balls. The weather better be as good as they are predicting. My saddle got a good makeover this winter at Indiana Harness. Pat did a good job on it. Love my saddle, it fits me really well. And all but Dixie it fits well and I can make it fit her high withers with a good saddle pad. I wish I had bought the one I looked at in Albany. I did not want to spend that much at that moment. I have thought about it alot since and wish I had.

Have not seen baby Henry today. See his mom over in the far pasture so know he is well there. Bob said he was up with her at the water this morning and he was bucking and running. I am sure they were just resting over there.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more to say about the horses. Miss them. I petted Ravens poor lopsided upper lip today when I fed. It worries me. She eats OK but it looks really weird. Liberty is going down the road to Shannons one of these days for a while to have a mule baby and Shannon is going to get her riding. I thought she was going last weekend but she is still here. When I think about how she was when we had to run her into a small pen to finally get a halter on her and then "led" her with a bucket of grain to get her to our place and how she was so scared of being touched and now she is sweet and loving and wants to be handled. Just needs to get finished and get so you can ride her. She is a nice big mare. She will have a nice mule baby for Shannon.

Have a great Saturday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


New baby Henry with mom Spot who was pawing dirt over her back into the air and his Aunt Candy that we think is going to have her calf in about a month. Spot is extra, super extra protective of her babies. He was born in the middle of a hail storm and then survived 4" of snow this morning. Cows are not really very bright.

This has been a very busy past two days. Yesterday Bob got home early and wanted me to go to town with him. We got the stuff to cover the new ugly porch and we went to Carl Jr.'s to have a burger and then went grocery shopping. I was so tired when we got home I crawled into bed. This morning I met my dear friend Kim for breakfast. She is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines and had a layover here. I had not seen her for nearly a year and it was wonderful to hug her and sit and just talk. She is getting married in 11 days in Hawaii. Not her first, nor his. I am praying this is wonderful for her. He is a fisherman in Alaska all summer and she flies all over whever AA flies. Winters in Mexico and summers to Alaska. Love her like a daughter.

Came home and finished up some things I had to do for Marriage Encounter and then met some folks back into Airway Heights to give the stuff to then. By the time I got home it was time to do chores.

The horses are all great. I don't think they were thrilled with the snow but then who was. I don't care if we are setting records all that much. Ditto is so dirty. She is mostly white and rolls in the muck. We are going riding at Fishtrap on Saturday. I will ride Pepper. Bob is going to take the edge off Dixie for me. We were going down to Escure Ranch south of Sprague but the guys changed their mind. I am afraid of mud but it will be fun.

Am tired and Bob wants his hair cut. Have a great Friday.