Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I have been searching my pictures for a picture of our grandson Bryant. Today I am thankful for Bryant Thomas Williams Edgerton. He is 18. The school system failed him completely and he dropped out of high school. Everyone just shook their heads but he said he would go get his GED. Alot just shook their heads. But he did it. Today on Nikki's blog she said he had passed all the tests and was now officially a high school graduate. We are so proud of you Bryant. He is such a smart and talented young man. We love you.

Went to PT today and I thought he was ripping my shoulder off. Or out. That is the place that is responsible for my neck pain. So tomorrow I got back and get beat up some more. He told me to leave the horses alone today. So I did. Hate that.

Bonnie is coming tomorrow to see Cody. He has settled down so much. He is so beautiful.

Remember: Truely nice people are happy people. Hope you have a happy Wednesday.