Saturday, January 7, 2012

Looking Back

Isaac at 4 riding Pepper with Grandpa at the lead line. He was having a good time - Isaac.

For those who read my last post. I have cleaned house, did dishes, done laundry, read entire books when I could not sleep but I had never gone out to work my horse in the middle of the night before. I slept good last night. I imagine Sage was glad of that because the moon was very bright again. Not tonight though, it is snowing a little. That is a surprise.

Not long ago Bob bought me a new blood pressure thingy. I try to remember to check it once a week. This morning it registered very high, higher than ever in my life. It startled me but I felt no different so waited a while and checked it again. Still the same. Bob was at a friends helping him out so I called Katie and asked her to come check it. She is an EMT. It was up a little, probably my worrying about it, but no where even close, not even close to where my thing said. So, we checked it with that again and it said that high ridiculous amount again. I am going to have Bob take it back. It could scare me into something. So never fear, its OK.

I hear Bob out on the four wheeler doing something in the dark. I think I will go check it out. I can not imagine what.