Monday, January 17, 2011

On the road again------------------

Getting Closer

653 - Quail
654 - Paula Deen
655 - Cardigan sweaters
656 - Grandchildren that just call when there is something exciting in their lives
657 - Figuring stuff out on the computer by myself occasionally
658 - Lide Hamilton
659 - A saying I heard in church "The Titanic was built by professionals and the Ark was built by an amateur
660 - Not falling on the ice
661 - The presidents speech in Tucson
662 - Healing
663 - Days to work with Sage
664 - Good mud boots
665 - The gift of taste
666 - A step stool because I am vertically challenged
667 - Celebrating a daughters birthday
668 - Orca Whales
669 - Old Valentines
670 - Woodland Park Zoo
671 - Pt. Defiance Zoo
671 - Meatloaf
672 - San Juan Islands

Happy Birthday Chrissy

Today was our lovely daughter Christyn June's birthday. We had her, her kids and her partner for dinner and cake. She had a happy afternoon. Wendy had to go to work at 6:30 so we had an early dinner.
Chrissy ad her girls.

Her son Skyelor playing with Pistol.
We had a grand evening. She wanted meatloaf so meatloaf we had. Bob can hardly get around because his back is really acting up. He can't walk, not do much of anything without turning grey with the pain. Tomorrow the doctor. But today when I had dinner about ready he told me he couldn't do the chores. So, Chrissy finished her birthday dinner and Wendy and I did the chores. Bless her heart. I could have done them but not in the amount of time it took both of us. I picked the horses stalls earlier so that didn't have to be done. I felt bad leaving Chrissy to the dinner but she would have much rather done that than horse feeding.
I didn't get to go work with Sage today but I did put her in and out and give her a treat and petted her good. She has such soft eyes. I just love them.