Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obviously not taken today - #1 it did not get above 35 degrees and #2 we still have snow on the ground and #3 I have not ridden her since last fall.  BUT, I have worked her the last 2 days in the round pen.  I don't think she has forgotten anything but she was frisky.  I would have liked to have saddled her but our tack room is not very big and stuff has gotten stuffed there all winter and I could not get it out.  I didn't intend to ride but would have liked to have it on her.

I had Justin all day.  He came at 5:30 this AM.  We both went back to sleep for a while.  At 4 months he is cutting a tooth.  Its just right there.  Of all mine, only Nikki cut teeth that early.  She did everything early - she walked at 8 months 2 days. 

With Justin here, I went outside when he left and that is about all I accomplished today.    He will be here tomorrow too but does not come until 11.