Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joy To The World

We had a wonderful surprise this evening when Scott's ex wife and her husband brought our beautiful great granddaughters to visit us all evening. This is Kiyanna. She will be 3 in February. Looking at the precious little face is like looking into the face of out grandson Robby who is our grandson. She is the image of her daddy.
And, this is Piper. She is 18 months and a little pistol. Darling little girl and is the image of her mother Tabby. She ran right straight to Bob and wanted him to pick her up. Of course he did.
We had not seen these cherubs since Piper was one month old so it was exciting to see them.

Pop Pop with Piper. She is never still.

And sweet Kiyanna. She patted my face and my hair and kept kissing me. What a dolly.

Earlier today we went over to Lake Couer D'Alene to see the eagles. They come there every winter about this time when the Kokanee spawn in that part of the lake. There are three sitting in that tree. I wish I had a larger lens but Bob got that picture. I could not get my eyes on them. These pictures were taken at Beauty Bay.

Going fishing

A different one. There were about 10 flying around at different times

He got a fish but I missed him getting it out of the water.

Sitting along the shore. At one time there were 9 sitting there. Just amazing. To think a few years ago they were nearly extinct. They are such awesome birds. And also to thing Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the turkey. A turkey, can you imagine that and he was over ruled and this magnificent bird, the Bald Eagle was named instead.

So it was a wonderful day and to start, I had to have a blood draw first thing this morning and then Bob took me to breakfast. Tasted good since fasting since 4:30 yesterday, then to Couer d'Alene and then grocery shopping and then the baby girls visit. Makes me a happy camper this evening. The only thing that would make me happier would have been some time on my horse.

Blessings, blessings blessings