Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yeah. I have some pictures. ]
This is Jimmy. His mom was so glad to find him. He had been lost several days. She told us him name. She brought some hay and feed over for him. He will occupy our round pen until Friday when her husband gets home to help her get a fence up that will hold him in. He has quit bellowing and trying to climb out of the pen.

This is Lindy. She was given us to us today. No she is not a mustang, she is a registered paint horse. She is well broke and has been ridden a lot. BUT the people who gave her to us tried to kill her with food and she started to founder. They did not want to stall her up and do the things we told them to do to get her over this. Not bad founder but a start. So they gave her to us. When we are sure she has recovered and is sound we will put her up for sale. I just could not stand to have them permanently damage her. So when they offered her to us, complete with her papers, we took her. She will get limited grass hay and no grain. I gave her some bute when she got here. She is not happy about being stalled where she can't see the other horses but its where she needs to be.

We went over to pay a bill and finally these Gypsy Vanner horses were close enough to get pictures of them. They are so pretty. They have such beautiful feathers on their legs.

I don't know if the sorrel or the black are Gypsy horses but the black one especially looks like it. Every time I have driven by they are away from the fence. Its an 8' fence and the gate is locked so I had to take the pictures through the chain link fence.
It sprinkled a bit today but it was warmer. It is supposed to be 60 by the end of the week. I am about to break into the hallelujah chorus. The trees are almost leafing out. If its warm a few days they will be and then I will know spring is here.
We didn't get to ride today. It was sprinkling some, Bob had to go pick up so hay, we had to go pay some bills and then we went to eat. I got a chicken burrito and it was big enough for 3 people. We both should be able to have lunch on it tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.