Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All Twelves

Its all 12's today.
Today, the last of my little holiday fun is 12 gifts all wrapped and ready.  I have a few to wrap yet but not too many. So on the 12th. day of Christmas I bring you 12 Gifts.

Skeeter went for a haircut today.  He looks so much better.  His body was not bad but his face gets so straggly looking.  I wish I knew how to do it myself.  I used to pay 15.00 when I had Torey but now its 30.00. 

Bob lost his cell phone AGAIN today.  We went looking ringing mine.  He had just about given up and we found it.  I have told him not to carry it in his shirt pocket, but what do I know.  Oh well, it just drives me batty.

Sage and I had a hug fest this morning when I put her out.  She misses me when I don't get down to let her out and Bob does it.  She likes him but she is MY horse and she knows it.

Tomorrow is my quilting day.  I will lay me blocks out for the girls to see and will start attaching them together then.  That excites me.  I love getting together with those ladies every other week.  Even though they are all experienced quilters and I am not, they just encourage me. 

It was a snow day here today.  The road out to the highway was pretty slick but the main roads were OK.  It was a wet snow that didn't add up much.