Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3

The picture is when Sierra followed me up onto the front porch and played with my poodle Skeeter thru the bottom of the door.
Another hot day and I just did not have it in me to do too much with Sierra today. I did put her in the round pen for her half an hour of trotting. She did not object. I have 5 poles in there about 5 strides apart and she rarely clicks them. When she does I speed her up a little and tell her to pick up her feet. We practiced whoa mostly. Some days it is excellent but some days not so much. 6 weeks to get it all down. Did let her out to eat for an hour while I cleaned her stall and rebedded it and then just watched her. I just leave the lead rope on her and turn her loose in the yard. If I put her in a pen she paces and gets upset so I just let her free range for a while. She never goes far from where she can see me and is happy. She is eating her grain just fine now. She is getting a supplement to help her with weight gain, a scoop of ground flax seed, a coffee can of oats and 2 1/2# of soaked beet pulp topped with a vitamin mix. She gets a can of oats in the morning and then the concoction at night. She seems to be putting on a little weight. I know she needs to compete in the conditioning phase. She seems to like it all.
Had a little disaster this evening. Katie came out to ride Abby and Abby decided to be a total jerk, ran away with her in the arena. She rode the running fine but when she made an abrupt stop Katie came off and landed on her back. She is kind of a timid rider anyway but was making progress. Don't know what got into Abby. She spooks at stuff. Katie tried to pull her ahead around but she just bowed her neck and would not give. It will be back in the round pen and work on some of these things. This was the first time we have let her go out and ride without one of us being there. We were eating. Her parents are going to be so upset. Very protective and this will be difficult. She was OK, just her back hurt.
We have a small pasture full of young goats. One is ours, the rest there to help eat the weeds. I went out to check their water this evening. One of the little guys had his head stuck in the fence. Its a field fence and he has little horns
Another thunder boomer is headed out way. As dry as it is, fires are always a problem.

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