Monday, July 21, 2008

A cool day

Loved today. I am enjoying summer but today our high was about 70 and made it nice to get out and do things. Did not sweat my clothes soaked cleaning Sierra's stall.

Sierra did OK both times today. This afternoon was better I think. She would still like to dash away when I lunge her in the arena on a longer rope. SO, its a short rope. Her best time to try to dash away is when I am backing her around the barrels and she gets tired of it. If I do it on a loose lead she leaves so we do it on a short lead. That seems to work. She will back a kind of lopsided cloverleaf pattern. The first barrel is good, the 2ND. not so good and the thirds is a battle. She got away from me the other day both times so I think she thinks that is going to work.

Bob is doing better today but scared me this evening. He almost fell. Crutches are a real challenge for him.

If you are reading this and are in the area, our Mustang Horse Club is having a BBQ at our house Friday evening July 25Th. Please come and get acquainted with the other Mustang owners in the area. We are planning a trail ride for Sept. 13Th. Come and find out about it.

Bob's "Wonder Horse" Pepper did something really uncharacteristic to him today. Our beloved black gelding wigged out and got Dixie in a corner and was kicking her unmercifully. She fell to her knees trying to get away. I am so glad I was out hanging clothes on the clothes line when it started. I was afraid to get in the middle of it but started throwing things at him and screaming at him and he backed off for a minute and Dixie, bless her heart got away from him. Don't know what set him off but he can't do that. I put him in the round pen for a while so things could settle down. Poor Sierra was in her little pasture next to them and it scared her half to death. I went out to get her and when I said Sierra come, she came. "I want to go to my house" she said to me.

20 days left.

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