Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sassy Sierra

This was not a good day. She was more naughty today than any other day since I have had her. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She did her trotting just fine, side passed the best she ever has BUUT then I took her to the arena to walk over the big poles and to practice backing. No no not today mom. She begrudgingly got thru the first two barrels, tried to bite me again, and when we came to the second barrell she said "out of here" and jerked out of my hand and went tearing around the arena snorting and bucking. When she slowed down I said come and surprisingly she did. That was the good thing. Then we had a repeat and this time she would not come so it was my idea to keep running, and bucking and running some more. I finally caught her and we tried again. Got around one barrel and thought, that is enough but no treats.

My hand is sore and my body is tired from chasing her. Remember I am 70 years old. The arena is very soft and deep. Soooooooo tomorrow we will try again. That is our big thing to work on.

But this evening when we were bbqing and sitting on the deck we heard a loud crash in the barn and our son and grandson went to check on her. They hollared loud for us and she was cast in her stall. Could not get close enough with her thrashing to get a rope on her to pull her on over. Scared me so bad. Finally she herself over and stood up. A little shaken but OK. She did get a treat then.

Katie came out and I gave her a lesson on her horse Abby. Mostly it was how to manage the horse without being scared. Abby can be really silly sometimes and Katie is a timid rider. She is a good rider but has gotten dumped off Abby and worries about getting hurt again. Abby is pulling her chain. I am trading lessons for yard work. Katie keeps telling me I need to do this and that in the yard so I told her we could barter. She, her dad and Bob are going for a ride in the morning. Tyler and I are going out to eat. We are one horse short to ride and 2 horses short in the trailer. So grandma is taking grandson out for breakfast.

No pictures today. I could not make it work for some reason and thats OK. Not so good pictures today anyway. Hope for better times tomorrow.

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