Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting ready to go camping

It has been a VERY long day. Bob started at 10 this morning to do something with the pressure tank on our well and after discovering some leaks, they just finished and came in. It is midnight. They meaning our grandson Tyler and Bob. We are supposed to leave in the morning for Craig Mountain with our horses for 4 days of camping and riding. I don't think we will get out of here too early.

Today Sierra and I trotted together at a nice trot. That is a first. I had my stick in hand but did not touch her with it. It has been a struggle to get her to trot. I had this aha moment when I was lunging her on the line and shortened up the line and started trotting with her. I trotted closer and closer until we were side by side. We stopped and started many times and then went outside the round pen. Was so proud of her. That is something that I had not gotten her to do at all.

Another big step today was she took a treat out of my hand and ate it. We use packer pellets for treats and she had never taken one. But today she did. I was proud of her.

I think I have found my music for the freestyle if I would happen to get into the top 5. I am not expecting to but have to be prepared. Can't remember who its by but the song is "I will remember you." It will probably make me cry because she and I are so bonded but I promised Bob I would let her go.

I will be gone a few days - see you all later.

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