Friday, July 25, 2008

16 days

Whew 16 days. It is getting scary. Our Mustang Club had a BBQ here this evening and they came out and made noise which made Sierra pretty snorty. She had a good run after she broke away from me but she had already shown them what she can do. She backed the cloverleaf perfect = well almost perfect. But VERY good. She did not do the turn around in the square so good but was a little overcome by the noise the group was making. After her run she behaved herself and got down to business. I was proud of her. Her performance tonight is not top 3 quality. Tomorrow we will get back at it more seriously. HAD to clean house this morning and get stuff organized for tonight.

My day went smoother than yesterday. My sweet grandnephew is doing well after his grand mall seizure yesterday. It was very scary. For all of us. Particularly when you are 2,000 miles away and can't do anything. Things better today though.

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  1. When Sierra ran off how far did she go and how did you catch her? More pictures please. I love reading about other peoples Mustangs.
    Glad your grandnephew is doing better.