Wednesday, July 23, 2008

18 Days to go

Took our car in to KIA this morning for the day. Tyler followed us and chauffeured us around doing errands and Bob to the doctor. He is doing OK but they did not put a real cast on it. The doctor said if he did he thought Bob would do too much so he left it in the splint and we will go again in 2 weeks. No weight on it whatsoever though. It makes him house bound but it will make him appreciate the chores when he can do them again. LOL

Sierra got a pretty good workout this evening. She still is rebelling about backing up much but we are working on that. She side passes much better. I need to move the poles over a bit because they are not right for her strides. She needs to be able to step with one step or 2 but right now she is stumbling. We will go out first thing after breakfast (hers) and work on that some more. We have sort of a bow, better than none. Not just what I wanted but we will work on it. Can really do a lot in 18 days.

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