Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clipper Day

Today was the first day that I have used the electric clippers on Sierra. I had done her bridle path with the scissors but today got out the clippers. She just stood there. I did her bridle path and started on the whiskers but the blades are dull and I put them away before I upset her. I did go buy a new set of blades this afternoon so will finish tomorrow and perhaps do her feet also. I don't think there is much that bothers her.
We did some playing with the tarp today. It still doesn't seem to bother her in the least. We walked over the poles, turned in the square and put her front feet on the box. She almost yawns at the obstacles. She still isn't too secure with the sidepass. She doesn't like doing it. That is the one big thing we will be working on the next 24 days.
Oh my did I say 24 days. That is when we leave. My insides are shaking at the thought.