Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day of Rest

This is the banner that hangs in our front yard beside our driveway. I don't know if anyone will be interested enough to stop but just maybe.

Today was a day of rest for Sierra and me. It was 90 and we worked really hard all week. Bob fixed a small pasture for her with alot of grass and she could see the house and the other horses and she was contented all day. She came in willingly about 6. I went out and told her to come and she did. Put the halter and lead on her and just lead her in. Her supper was waiting. I will have to get up early to work with her early because triple digets are forcast. 22 days to go.

Bob took Katie and her dad for a little ride this morning. They left here at 7 and went down to Riverside State Park for a couple of hours. Katie rode Dixie. She did good with her. Dixie had been ridden by no one else but me since I got her and Katie is a timid rider. Bob rode Katie's horse Abby for her first real trail ride. She did great. Only one little episode over a big green sign but nothing major.

After they got home Bob took Tyler and I to breakfast and we have had quite a lazy day since.

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  1. A day of rest is necessary in order to move forward :) I'll bet you're both feeling refreshed in the morning.