Monday, July 21, 2008

A bad day

Not too much with Sierra today. Did walk and trot her thru the trail course I have set up. She did OK for the most part. My heart was not in it. For one thing it was 100 degrees.

And the other thing is that Bob called me at 8 this morning that he had gotten hurt at his one day a week job at the stockyard. A bull ran over him fighting with another bull. He face above his eyes looks like a meat grinder got a hold of it. His left leg is broken just below his knee and the bull stepped on his back over his kidney and it is bruised. He sees our doctor tomorrow. I don't believe he will be going back there to work. I think our kids might duct tape him to a tree if he tried.

I don't think this will interfere with Reno but I may have to drive and I don't like driving our truck.


  1. I hope Bob is ok.
    Bulls are oblivious to everything when they start fighting. Years ago two of our bulls were fighting on top on the bluff and one bull got pushed over the edge and killed.
    So sorry to hear he was stepped on, ouch!

  2. He wasn't suppose to be in the yard, just a paper runner..... THAT would have been ok... No more running with the bulls Dad. Love ya, Nikki