Saturday, July 12, 2008


Having company is tiring but its been great today. Nikki and her husband Carmen and their boys are here, one of their older boys, his wife and baby were here, our daughter Christyn and her partner Wendy were here and all three of Chrissy's kids and their cat were here all day. We BBQ'd and had a great day.

I did manage to work in a good workout with Sierra first thing this morning. She was receptive to everything we tried. I just keep trying to think of things to add so we can may an impression on the judges. This evening I got another excellent workout with her. It was rather impressed with her actually. We did the trotting over the poles for 15 minutes and then I said whoa. She said what, I think I will wander around. I got a hold of her halter. She gave me that look only Sierra has and I walked forward with my hand under her chin a ways but no rope. She walked, trotted and backed with no rope, just my hand in front of her. Several laps of the round pen and then we did figure eights and stopped and set up square. I bounced the big green ball all around her and off her back and hip and under her. She just stood there. I walked her some more free and then tried the side pass and to the left she did wonderful. Then to the right not so good, I had to take ahold of her halter. But all in all WONDERFUL. We leave one month from today.

The other mustangs all got the day off to rest and recoup. I promise to put the pictures on tomorrow.

Till then

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