Wednesday, July 30, 2008

13 days and not so lucky

This started out to be not such a good day. My body is telling me so this evening too. First of all, putting this in order - Sierra did not want me to put the halter on her in the stall. I had to be really stern with her. I just thought she was getting even for me going down about 2 AM when I could not sleep and waking her up. I finally got the halter on her and she was kinda of jumpy in the 30 mph wind when I put her out in her little pasture. The wind had calmed down some and she had eaten a while so I went to get her to work with her. She came to me when I called her and had the same sweet look on her face.

I reached up to put the halter on her and a big gust of wind came and she thought she was Pegasus I guess and whirled and bucked and caught me with her hind foot in my ribs. Knocked me head over tea kettle. Scared me more than hurt me and then she came up and put her nose on me while I was on the ground like "why are you down there". Pulled on my shoe laces and stood there. My camera had gone flying and I did not know where it was. Tyler saw me on the ground and came dashing over. He got my camera, helped me up and petted Sierras face and told her she was a bad girl.

I went to the house for about half and hour and then went to catch her again. She still was not going to be caught. I finally got her and we went to the round pen and she trotted both directions changing directions. She was head high , bug eyed for a while and then she settled down and obeyed. When she dropped her head and started listening. Don't know what got in to her today. The wind?

Later, I went and got her out of her stall and we went to the arena and she was great. Did everything I asked except side pass from right to left. She did it but not near as nice as the other way. Tomorrow I am going to go and get a cheap CD player so I can work out with the music. I was proud of her this last time but she is not going to get out into her pasture when the wind is blowing.

I got an e mail from Kali today and need to call the Reno show grounds tomorrow. She said we are to check in on Thursday and the other last e mail said we could on Wed. I wanted a day for her to settle in. I am getting nervous - so many directions. Be here, be there.

My side is bruised from the kick and my left arm and hip are sore from where I hit the ground with a thud. I bruise so easily because of the blood thinners I have to take since that dumb stroke in December. I may look spotted tomorrow.


  1. VERY ugly horse. Doesn't sound like she wanted to hurt you but she certainly had to know where her butt was! Nikki

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Next time don't let her push you around like that!!