Sunday, July 13, 2008

A busy weekend over

Poor Sierra did not get worked much this weekend but got handled a lot and got to graze quite a bit and that is what is really important at this point. We kissed out kids, grand kids, great granddaughter goodbye and collapsed. Love them and love having them. My beloved former pastors wife Norma Lelacheur once said "I have seen the lights of Paris and I have seen the lights of Rome but the best lights of all is my children taking their children home." That has stuck in my mind as our family grows. Love them all soooooo much but it is wearing.

I am sending along some pictures of our week long camping trip. Nikki, our oldest daughter who is a good rider but does not get to ride often is the first picture. She is riding Bob's" Wonder Horse" Pepper. He took good care of her. He is fun to ride however slow.

The 2ND. picture is of Deer Creek falls. It was about a 12 mile ride round trip and a hike down to the falls. It was worth it though. We ate a leisurely lunch and the horses stood tied in the shade till we were ready to go back. Its a lovely time of year to ride in the back country this time of the year because the flowers are beautiful.

The last picture is of Pepper, Raven and Dixie. they were grazing in the corrals there. We hobbled them and let them out to really eat for a couple or three hours every night and an hour in the AM before we left. Dixie is proving to be a wonderful horse for me. Love her so much. Not only is she small enough I can get on from the ground which is wonderful for my aging short legs. but she goes absolutely anywhere I aim her.

So a couple of days late but it was a great time and fun to ride. Saw lots of deer. Lots of ground squirrels, chipmunks and squirrels. Lots of pictures too. But way too many to post.

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