Thursday, July 31, 2008

12 days to go

I was going to give Sierra her last day off but decided not to. We are going on a trail ride on Saturday so that's her day off. We meaning Tyler and I. Bob has been trying to think how he could but I threatened him with something fierce if he even tried. Let alone thought of it. Sierra will have Saturday to run and buck and role in the dirt.

Today I fit the show halter on her. She did not like it too much but will be used to it by the time we leave. I thought I had sold all my show halters but going thru our tack room to get rid of stuff we don't want or need, lo and behold there was one I got for a Quarter Pony. It fit Sierra perfectly and looks really pretty on her. Am really glad I lost it until today.

The only residual results from yesterdays debacle is a couple of big bruises. One on my side and one on the outside of my knee. Don't know where that one came from The one just below my ribs was where her foot and I connected.

After working with her in the round pen with the show halter, I caught her again and put her rope halter on her. Then into the arena to work. She did just fine. She backed the cloverleaf in the barrels, over the bridge, in the square and later trotted over it, she walked the larger poles that are in the arena but said she did not want to trot them today and I had trotted all my legs would so we came to an agreement on that. She did step up on the box and moved her rear end around it about half way. I picked up her feet and we worked on her bow. then to the trailer and she got right in as always. I backed her our the first time and then she wanted to go back in and we turned around and she walked out. I hugged on her and let her go to her stall and fed her supper. I have cut her food back some because I read someone say they did not do well in the conditioning because their horse was too fat. She isn't fat but she is in good condition. I want her to stay just like this.

Tomorrow Tyler and I will load the horse trailer. The ride is over on 4Th. of July pass between Idaho and Montana. I think my saddle is still there. I will probably ride Dixie with a mechanical hackamore. I was told she liked that the best. Will need to fit her though so its OK. don't want to have to do that when we are supposed to be mounting up.

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