Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday - A windy day

We got the last 72 bales of the alfalfa hay we got from Mike Illeaukas. I am glad we had paid for it previously. He didn't have too much second cutting. We have 3/4 tons of good grass hay coming too and then we should have enough. Bob is going to sell the cows before we have to begin feeding them.

Something killed another of our chickens last night. Bob is "positive" its a feral cat but I don't know. The free range chickens are now in the coupe with the fence. And he put the hen and her 13 new babies in the new tack room. (oh joy) but they will be safe in there. They are so cute.

And now to Sierra. She was in the arena most of the day to get exercises. She came to the gate to meet me when I went out there. I put the halter on her and we practiced with her trotting with me. She does OK but I am afraid she will run into me and knock me down so we will work on that some more. She did the backing thru the barrels really quite well. She side passed L to R beautifully but not as well the other way. She does it but not as well. She does yield her hind quarters well. And her shoulders, just doing it together. When she had her front feet up on the box, standing there surveying the world, I was really tempted to scoot under her but I am not as spry as I used to be. I may get my guts up yet to try it. I rubbed her belly bumped her with my shoulder and did everything but do it.

14 days to go.

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