Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 15

Well humans bob for apples, Sierra was bobbing for a small piece of board that floats in the the water for birds. She chased it clear to the bottom trying to get it in her mouth. Did didn't get it. She did have her front feet in the water too but I did not have my camera with me then. She is a water pony.

I gave her a real bath today. She did well. I had not done that for a while. Then I took her up on the lawn to nibble a while before I put her away. Later we went into the arena and went thru our mini trail course. She does it just fine. Her backing around the barrels was not as smooth as yesterday but OK. Her square circle was better today so its even steven. She did her walkovers perfectly. She sidepassed from L to R perfect. R to L isn't as smooth but better than it was. Today was the first time we did it over a pole. I was impressed with her. Almost went under her when she was on the box but lost my nerve. Just need to have better knees. Maybe tomorrow. She was a really great girl today.

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