Friday, July 18, 2008

Forgot how to back

Here is my sunburnt face. The MHF wanted a head shot of me. This is what I had. It is what I look like sunburn and all.
I worked with Sierra twice today and she forgot how to back up. We were practicing backing around the barrels in a cloverleaf pattern and lo and behold she forgot how. We worked a long time on that. Never got it good but at least backed up.
When we trotted together she thought she was going to run and buck. Not so much I told her. It is the hardest thing we do for me. My 70 year old knees don't want to do that. I wish I had a clue what kind of an obstacle course they were going to throw at us. She walks over poles - everything from old telephone poles cut in half lengthwise, white plastic pipe and fence posts besides poles. We are working on the backing, she crosses the bridge, does a turn in a square, loads in a trailer and I can pick up all four feet just fine. I can wrap her up in a tarp and she walks over it. She gives me a lip roll when I ask for a kiss and puts her front feet up on the box. So I guess I am just stressing over what I don't know about and won't until we get there.
Not so hot today but a blistering weekend is predicted. Bob is going on a ride with friends Sunday AM but I won't be able to go. Not enough trailer space. Tyler and I will go out to breakfast.
Till tomorrow. Remember I still need sponsors.

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