Sunday, January 3, 2010

I don't know what I was thinking - technology. My brain went in slo mo. This is all I could think of beside the technology of my new lens on my camera and eagle pictures below here. They were awesome to watch and to look at. Not too many swooping over the lake but got a couple. They were spectacular and we had a wonderful time watching. We found the best viewing on Hi 97 on the east side of Lake Couer d'Alene at Beauty Bay. I had to walk up the highway a bit to get most of the pictures. Lots of people there doing the same thing. I should have dressed warmer. I did not know I would have to walk outside.

There are 2 in this picture. There is an immature eagle - no white head yet - in the tree beside the one in the top of the tree.

Tomorrow the picture of the day will be GIRLS. Another to make my mind go loopty loop. What was I thinking?
A fun Sunday. Hope yours was as good.


  1. I was thinking of doing the cell phone bit but comparing an old cell phone from 9 yrs. ago and to now...but went with something different. Never thought of the cell tower though...

  2. I've been seeing more bald eagles lately--and how many Canadian Geese?!? The skies over Medical Lake were filled with them today. Great pictures!