Friday, January 15, 2010

One foot, two FEET

My FEET in polka dot boots standing in water. I tried to find something others feet but this turned out the best. Tomorrows word is anything that starts with Y.

It warmed up some today. I think it was 50 but it didn't feel like that because the wind was blowing so hard. It is supposed to die down tonight but it was nasty today.

The horses were happy to get in their clean stalls this evening. Wrangler was mad at them for getting to in. I wished I had something to throw at him. First he ran Ditto around and around and then Amelia. He was just plain aggrevated about it all. Don't know what got into him.

Have a great Y Saturday.


  1. Love the boots. I am finally going to break down and buy a new pair. Mine do not leak, yet. They are only ten or so years old. Only a matter of time. Where did you find them?