Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black and White

My Skeeter
The black and white tornado.
I had intended to post a picture of the herd of black and white cows down the road but but Bob took my car to work so I had to figure something else out. I sat him on the table to take the picture and he knew he wasn't supposed to be there.
Tomorrow's word is WALKING.
I predicted water if it rained on top of the ice and snow. My prognosticating skills are right on target. Where Lane and Isaac were here last weekend they played on the ice. Now the ice is covered with water almost to my boot tops. Not too fun. The horses are miserable, the goat is miserable, the cows are miserable. The only happy ones are the barn cats. The are curled up in the hay and enjoying it.
This is a Thankful Tuesday. Despite all the griping about the weather, I am a blessed woman. I have a loving husband, great kids, great grand kids, great great grand kids. Cousins I have recently reconnected with. My family gives me much to be thankful for. Each one of them. I love you.


  1. SO CUTE! I should have posted the Oreo Cows!

  2. Oreo cows! We have some here too.

  3. The little dogs seem to be more of a whirlwind than the big ones don't they?