Saturday, January 30, 2010


FORWARD march.
Chemmy is off to somewhere marching forward.
I am doing this early today because we are going to a Mule Club dinner and auction this early evening and I don't know how late we will be. The last word in this challenge is anything that starts with an S.
And, to make a comment on this blog and to be in the drawing for the cardinal candle holder, you must comment tonight or tomorrow. I will pick a number Monday at noon. Good luck all. I will post it when I have the winner. There are about 50 entries and Bob will give me a number before he goes to work on Monday.
I worked with Rusty this morning for a little while. Today we went for a nice walk. All around the house, around the barn, through the barn an out by the road. I was so proud of her. I picked up both front feet. She has made such good progress this week. Bob has been working on making the pen a 6' high pen instead of 5 so if I do get a horse in Burns, the pen will be legal.
Sunday - hope yours is blessed.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Rusty is really being a good girl!

    Chemmy is adorable.