Friday, January 29, 2010

A TEXTURE of a Friday

I took this out of the windshield of the car a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting in the car at Safeway after church. Bob was in buying us each a maple bar like we do every Sunday. This just looked interesting to me. It seemed appropriate today.
The word tomorrow is FOREWORD.
Today was kind of grey but not too cold. Not as warm as some days have been but it was OK. I went out to mess with Rusty first thing. I changed her halter and put a different lead on her. We worked on several things and she is just about back to where I stopped working last August and September when I really felt crappy for a month or six weeks. I did her near side front foot lifted up and she let me hold it. The off side not so much but she finally did let me rub her shoulder and that was progress. Tomorrow is another day. The second time I worked with her later this afternoon I put a long rope on her to work with her. She will yield her rear end on both sides. Yield her shoulder on the near side and kind of on the other. When I put her hips toward the fence she will side pass beautiful away from me but not at all the other way. So we have made progress but lots more to make. Tomorrow I am going to try to get the surcingle on her. She bucked really hard when we saddled her last summer, I want to get that out of the way before we try to saddle her again.
The other horses are fine and dandy. I hope Katie will come tomorrow to clean stalls. Or, I will have to work at them. She is supposed to.
That was my day, have a great Saturday.


  1. I need a Katie to come clean my stalls! (My least favorite part of having horses). Sounds like you're really getting somewhere with Rusty. I need to start taking Beautiful for walks and getting her used to relaxing away from the barn. Maybe today.

  2. She is working off her board because she hasn't had a job. I would rather have her do this that the little bit of money we get from her.