Monday, January 11, 2010

My eyes are watching you

I have never done my own eyes before but the word today was EYES and I tried to get Troubles eyes but he would not let me. So I thought my own eyes looking out at you.
Tomorrows word is Black/White. I have an idea but will have to wait and see how that comes out.
Everything is water today on the top of ice. Oh Ick. I walked very carefully putting the horses out and then in. Ditto and Amelia trotted by me going in and I hid my face because I did not want to get splatted in the face with that mud. Its not all plain dirt mud and would probably landed in my mouth if I know my luck. LOL
Spent the better part of the day at the stockyards looking for a donkey or a pony but none there. If I was not going to Burns in a month I would have bought a cute paint yearling filly that sold for 25.00. She was pretty quiet. She went to a good home I think though. Lots of cattle. Bob wanted me to stay for cow calf pairs but I didn't. I was cold. When I went to leave some big buyer had parked behind me and did not come and move his truck until they threatened to call the sheriff to have it towed if he did not come immediately. He was a rude man. Grrrrr.
Hope it warms up in the south where they are just not used to this kind of weather. It could warm up here too for that matter but it is January. I am ready for warm weather.
Tomorrow then.


  1. It's almost 60' here Grandma Lea...we are having a heat wave...

  2. Grandma Foremans eyes!!!!!! I love that!

  3. Sharon, no one has ever told me that before. I will have to compare them.

  4. I hate when rude people act like that! Thankfully I don't see it often but I had to try to explain a man's temper tantrum in the doctor's office to my granddaughter some time back. It's hard to find a way to explain yelling and cussing to a child who doesn't hear that! blessings, marlene